Give: Love, Joy, Hope, Peace is the theme of the 2019 year-end giving campaign of Global Ministries and UMCOR.

As a donor, we invite you to celebrate the global impact that is being made through this transformative work and to invite others to learn about Global Ministries and UMCOR. This guide will assist you in sharing your enthusiasm and garnering financial support through peer-to-peer online fundraising.


Peer-to-peer fundraising is a specific type of crowdfunding that enables organizations to present their work to many more people than they currently know. Current supporters are empowered to be advocates for a cause by introducing their friends to the work they care most about.

By using this online tool, you will help your friends and family reach out to their friends and family to support your favorite program. This is an opportunity for more people to learn why you support Global Ministries or UMCOR and how they may help!

This guide will help you learn how to raise more support for your favorite Global Ministries or UMCOR program!


NOTE: You must be a registered user on our website to create a Year-end Campaign page. If you did not log into the website previously, you will be prompted to log in (or create a user name and password) before your page will be created.


A. Locate the Advance page for the ministry you wish to support.

Use these links to go directly to following pages:

Abundant Health (#3021770)
Evangelism & Church Growth (#400400)
Global Ministries-Where Most Needed (#01138A)
Global Mission Fellows (#13105Z)
Missionaries-Around the World (#00779Z)
UMCOR Global Migration (#3022144)
UMCOR International Disaster Response (#982450)
UMCOR Sustainable Development (#3021951)
UMCOR US Disaster Response (#901670)
UMCOR-Where Most Needed (#999895)
Other (Search any of our Advance funds and create a cause)

2019_Year_End_Causes_2Or go to advance.umcmission.org or advance.umcor.org and use the search function (upper right-hand corner of the screen) to look up the name or Advance number.

B. Click the “Create Cause” button.

Cause is the name of the peer-to-peer online tool for Global Ministries and UMCOR. Scroll down the page to find a “Create Cause” button.

C. Enter a title for your campaign.

Choose something that describes your campaign in a few words. Examples:

  • “Provide Accessible Health Care”
  • “I Support UMCOR 100%!”
  • “Clean Water for All”
  • “Sponsor a Missionary”

Once the title is saved, it cannot be changed.

D. Set a financial goal for your campaign.

Pick a goal that is realistic but challenging. We encourage a minimum of $2,500, as we believe this is a goal that is easily achievable.

E. Write a brief summary of your campaign.

This 65-character summary will appear at the top of your page. This is a good place to note the purpose of your campaign and its deadline of December 31.

Sample summary: “Help me raise $____ for Abundant Health by Dec. 31.”

F. Provide a full description.

This is your opportunity to tell others why a Global Ministries program is important to you. What is it about this particular outreach that people will be curious about? Talk about how this program touches your heart and why you support it.

G. Add images.

Click the “Add Image?” check box and browse for an image on your computer.

For best results, we recommend:

  • .jpg photo files
  • vertical photos 180 to 240 pixels, horizontal photos 360 to 420 pixels
  • no more than two photos 

You may also add an infographic or campaign logo as an image on your page. Go to our Resources Page here to find a lot of useful ideas for your page.

H. Click the “Create My Cause” button. 2019_year_end_4

I. Click “I Agree” in the legal disclosure pop-up related to Causes.

(If you do not see the disclosure, make sure your browser is not set to block pop-ups.)

J. Reminder: You must be a registered user on our website to create a Year-end Campaign page.

If you did not log into the website previously, you will be prompted to log in (or create a user name and password) before your page will be created.

That’s it! Your Campaign page is ready to share with your friends and family.



icon_wedo.pngHere’s a tip: The #1 reason people don’t give is that they aren’t asked. Make sure you ask so that your friends have the opportunity to give!

Announce your campaign on social media by posting photos and stories for your contacts to share with others who will want to know about Global Ministries and UMCOR.

Share your page with friends, family, coworkers, congregation members, mission committee, former school and Sunday School teachers, neighbors, college roommates, former pastors, fraternity brothers or sorority sisters, and childhood friends.

Use the sharing tools on your year-end campaign page to communicate through social media channels.

Here’s how:

A. Log into your profile at advance.umcmission.org or advance.umcor.org and go to My Account. Click on “My Causes” to view your Campaign page.


B. Click on the name of your Campaign page.


C. Use the Social Media icons on your Campaign page to post your photos and stories.

Icons for Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook are located below the giving meter. Use the red plus to find other social media platforms.


icon_wedo.pngHere’s a tip: By using these Social Media icons, you will add the link to direct readers directly to your Campaign page in order to make a gift.

  • Click the Social Media icon.
  • The Campaign page will contact the social media application.
  • Log in (if necessary).
  • Write a compelling post to encourage support. (Remember: The link in the post leads donors back to your Campaign page.)
  • Don’t like the photo imported for your post? Edit your post and add a different photo to make the post eye-catching and interesting. 

E. Encourage YOUR social media contacts to give to your campaign and share the post with people THEY know!


F. When a gift is made on your Campaign page, the giving meter will show the progress toward your goal.

Your friends can choose to have their names (but not the amounts of their gifts) appear in the Honor Roll on your Campaign page. This promotes their support and encourages others to give! Or, they can give anonymously. The choice is theirs.

G. For this Year-End campaign, gifts must be received by December 31.

Your Campaign page will be disabled on January 1.


As you get closer to your goal, let your friends know of your progress. Encourage them to tell more people about UMCOR and Global Ministries – or to make a second gift to help you exceed your goal.

icon_wedo.pngHere’s a tip: Giving Tuesday is December 3. Many people will make contributions on Giving Tuesday; remind them to include a gift to your campaign in their year-end giving.




The Development Staff of Global Ministries is available to support your during this Campaign. Your Year-End Campaign page will shut down on January 1, so make sure you tell your donors to make their gifts by December 31.


Contact Elaine Schwartz at eschwartz@umcmission.org or 404-460-7526.