UMCOR Disaster Response Training

In most cases, the local church usually provides the first response following a disaster. This basic understanding—that disaster response is local—forms the foundation for UMCOR’s national training and response. UMCOR equips United Methodists to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

U.S. Disaster Response Training

Local churches, districts and conferences can request UMCOR training to help them learn how to prepare for and respond to local disasters. These training programs address resilience against unpredictable weather, urgent and rapid response after a disaster and ministry options for communities bracing for a long recovery.

Embedded in all UMCOR training is the underlying message of love and hope that The United Methodist Church offers through Jesus Christ. Because of who we are, UMCOR’s trainings embrace a ministry of presence—a loving recognition that spiritual bruises and emotional scars matter as much to us as broken doors and windows.

Early Response Team Training

Early Response Teams (ERTs) fill a specific need in the early days after a disaster to clean out damaged homes, remove debris, place tarps on roofs and otherwise help to prevent further damage, while providing a caring Christian presence.

Under very specific guidelines, ERTs assist survivors without causing further harm or being a burden to the affected community. ERTs require an invitation to travel to another district, conference or jurisdiction. ERTs are not a first-response group of emergency workers, nor are they recovery, rebuild or repair teams.

All ERT members are trained by authorized UMCOR trainers and are given identification badges as evidence of a successful completion of the basic class.

Take Action Now!

For more information about ERT and other ways to be involved in disaster ministries contact your Conference Disaster Response Coordinator.