Leaving communities more resilient

July 2020 | ATLANTA

When tornadoes swept through middle Tennessee in March of 2020, UMCOR consultants, emergency response teams and volunteers quickly began to work together to assess needs and provide relief. Then, the coronavirus swept through the United States, creating a new set of challenges. Below, UMCOR disaster response consultants Angela Overstreet and Christy Smith discuss how a previous disaster in Tennessee prepared them for the work they are doing now.

Currently, all of the construction work is being done by professionals with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and in accordance with state guidelines. ERT teams equipped with PPE have been able to help homeowners with small things like putting fresh tarps on roofs until construction crews can come to finish the work. Volunteers are being utilized for outreach to the community so that community members know that UMCOR is there and help is available. Volunteers have also been a part of a brand new process for screening, all done virtually, so that soon UMCOR will be able to move into the case management process.
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