Letter from a partner: Methodist Church of Peru


Wednesday, October 23, 2019


I write to share and reiterate my gratitude for the support you have been providing to the Casa de la Esperanza project for Venezuelan migrant families in Lima, Peru.

We have had two months of progress, mainly dedicated to implementing and refreshing the physical environment of the church to provide a place worthy of welcome to families, but above all, to create solidarity and coexistence.

We were only hosting 4 families. But we have already started incorporating new families since we have everything ready to do so. At the moment, there are 8 families.10 adults, 14 children. And they continue to arrive as the days go by.

I have come to notice the urgency of supporting women more strongly, since the crisis situation that they live in as migrants is affecting them much more. There are cases of family violence, and because of their situation they have nowhere to go. We have provided protection in the case of a mother with her two girls who were violated by her partner; family relationships are being affected.

Therefore, thank you, thank you very much for identifying with the families that come to our country with the hope of restarting their lives with great faith and much inner strength. Sharing life with migrant families has changed our lives. To a certain extent we are blessed by them because through them God speaks to us, teaches us to love and to be supportive.

Carmen Mollo Gutiérrez

Proyecto Nacional Casa de la Esperanza para Familias Migrantes
Iglesia Metodista del Perú | Methodist Church of Peru

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Letter from a partner: Methodist Church of Peru

Read a word of thanks from Carmen of Casa de la Esperanza who works to welcome and care for Venezuelan migrant families in Lima.

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