Who is Elcom

Date Posted: Monday, 30 May 2011 00:00
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Elcom is one of Australia's leading and most prolific web application development companies. Elcom Technology is a developer of Enterprise Content Management Solutions (ECMS) and online commerce for secure Internet, Extranet and Intranet sites. Elcom’s suite of innovative products enables business & government to take advantage of the internet to build websites, portals, B2B & B2C systems.

This is achieved through Elcom’s ECMS, the elcomCMS Platform.

Elcom has over 14 years expertise in web development, content management, knowledge management, process management, online forms and integration. With Elcom’s experienced .NET development team and user-experience specialists, Elcom is well positioned to assist clients to take advantage of internet initiatives using Microsoft technologies. Elcom has matured to become one of Australia’s longest standing web technology based, privately owned companies in the industry.

Elcom's products are modular and are able to be used as standalone applications or integrated into powerful internet, intranet and extranet solutions facilitating online commerce, fulfilment, procurement and web publishing. All of Elcom’s systems are scalable, extensible and flexible in order to cater for future business growth and change.

We have an impressive list of clients whose businesses have flourished as a result of implementing our technologies.

We are committed to providing high quality solutions and our philosophy is to grow in excellence with you. Elcom’s history of producing superior technology solutions on time and on budget is proof of this philosophy, and our technology partners reflect the level of distinction that we have achieved.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, 100 percent dedicated to Microsoft technology, Elcom can be depended on to deliver a secure, scalable and mission critical integrated Enterprise Content Management System.

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What is Web Content Management

Date Posted: Tuesday, 13 July 2010 00:00
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Web Content Management Systems (WCM or WCMS), are systems (usually web based) that facilitate the creation, management and delivery of information (content and documents), typically via corporate websites, portals, extranets or intranets.

Content Management Systems can be used for corporate websites, secure extranets for trading partners or online communities and intranets. Content Management Systems in large organisations are often referred to as Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS). Web Content Management Systems are a subset of the Enterprise Content Managaement System.

The basic roles of a CMS include a content creator, reviewer and a publisher. This user security level enables the editor and reviewer to manage content via a web browser with the content stored in a database.

In it’s simplest form, the CMS (using a browser) will allow a content creator to use an editor to create and edit content with an authorised user to approve the content to be published in a live environment. All of this interaction is controlled through security, workflow and audit trails and all of this is stored and tracked in a database.

In the years pre and post the dot com boom, what is now described as Content Management Systems or CMS, were custom developed by internal programmers or external contractors.

Currently the trend is to purchase Content Management Software due to the following reasons (depending on the vendor):

  • Extensive pre-built features
  • Upgrade path
  • Scalability
  • More functionality
  • Increased security
  • Fewer software issues
  • Improved useability
  • Mature product
  • External support
  • Integration expertise
  • Resources to develop additional functionality
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Training availability
  • User and technical documentation
  • Application help
  • Problem knowledge base
  • Not reliant on employees with an organisation
  • Modularity
  • Product roadmap
  • Application Program Interface (API) available
  • Compliant with standards such as W3C

Content Management Systems are now being utilised to facilitate the following:

  • Online commerce
  • Knowledge management
  • Document management
  • Information management and dissemination
  • Integration with accounting, distribution or business systems
  • Seamless login to the CMS from the network, such as Microsoft Active Directory
  • Moving business processes online
  • Business process engineering
  • Interaction with community, whether staff, customers, suppliers or other trading partners
  • Self- service capability, providing a more effective and lower cost of service
  • Compliance

Elcom’s elcomCMS Content Management System is utilised by a range of clients including Small to Medium Enterprises, Large multi-nationals and numerous Government agencies.

Read more about the elcomCMS offering for Web Content Management.

With so many CMS vendors out there selling their wares, how do you determine which ones have the right stuff? Hopefully this simple checklist of the top 10 requirements will help you to separate the “wheat from the chaff” so to speak.

How to tame your Intranet

Date Posted: Tuesday, 13 July 2010 00:00
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An intranet is one of the most valuable tools an organisation can have if it is relevant, up-to-date, user-friendly, and saves time and money. Unfortunately most intranets are not well-maintained. They are out-of-date, stagnant, chaotic, difficult to maintain and they cost their companies thousands of dollars in inefficiencies.

There is a remedy – elcomCMS – a secure, versatile, easy-to-use software solution that enables easy intranet maintenance by streamlining document management, publishing and archiving, facilitating online collaboration and enabling efficient task completion. elcomCMS is a leading-edge solution which enables organisations to take full control of their Intranet. Users can quickly and easily maintain dynamic content using a browser based administration tool.

Every section of your organisation can benefit by exploiting the efficiencies offered by elcomCMS. Implementing an intranet using Elcom Technology’s elcomCMS can save you time and money while promoting your corporate values, and enhancing and facilitating communication and collaboration between all sections of your organisation.

Human Resources

  • Administer employee details and security clearances
  • Accept and approve leave and other claim forms online
  • Publish OH&S policies and procedures
  • Standardise document formats and styles
  • Approve documents prior to publishing via an automated workflow
  • Provide document templates and forms
  • Provide pay advice
  • Send news flashes to advise of updates to policies
  • Automated archiving and repeal of documents

Corporate Communications

  • Versatile, easy-to-use document creation tool
  • Automated document workflow for document approval
  • Automated archiving
  • Ability to set styles and document formats to maintain corporate branding
  • Staff and customer newsletters
  • Publishing company news
  • Automated email communication by group
  • Secure access can be allocated to document or folder level
  • Ability to hide or publish documents
  • Easily maintain up-to-date, dynamic communications
  • Initiate and receive feedback using forms
  • Initiate staff surveys
  • Maintain a knowledge base


  • Use of online forms for ordering stationery and other equipment
  • Publishing procurement policies and procedures
  • Cataloguing and maintaining inventory
  • Searching inventory


  • Collaboration on projects through document management system
  • Auditing document/project evolution
  • Automated workflow for approvals
  • Standardised contract templates
  • Use of online forms for equipment maintenance requests
  • Use of online forms for service delivery feedback and quality control


  • Sales cycle management
  • Monitoring of sales results
  • Creation of proposal documents
  • Standardised contract and proposal templates
  • Standardised style and format
  • Publishing sales procedure documents
  • Sales forecasting
  • Catalogues – different product ranges
  • Sales tools
  • Current deals and promotions
  • Customer profiles


  • Ability to audit information
  • Publish accounting policy and procedures
  • Audit document trails
  • View inventory and sales information


  • Access and submit HR forms online
  • Access to relevant policy and procedures
  • Keep up-to-date with company news
  • Easily create and edit documents related to their position
  • Search and retrieve documents in the knowledge base
  • Receive regular newsletters via email
  • Complete staff surveys, feedback and request forms
  • Collaborate with other staff members/departments on projects

Is elcomCMS what your organisation needs?

Do you want all sections of your organisation to be pulling in the same direction towards the same goal?

Do you need an efficient and secure means of managing and auditing company documents?

Do your employees need an easy-to-use, searchable Knowledge Base?

Would you like to manage your sales force more efficiently and inform your employees of changes to important policy and procedures?

elcomCMS can fulfill all of these requirements and more. What’s more, as your use of the intranet increases and your online usage grows, Elcom Technology can integrate other modules from its suite of business tools to assist you to leverage off your intranet investment.

Learn about all the possibilities and options of elcomCMS

Have a look at the elcomCMS modules

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