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Whether you need an Intranet, Digital Workplace, Portal, Website or Learning Management solution, the Elcom Digital Transformation platform has you covered.

Elcom has been a leading provider of .NET enterprise web content management solutions (WCM) for over 20 years. Over 1000 intranets, portals, websites and learning management solutions around the world have been deployed with the Elcom platform. Our modular approach means you can keep adding new features, modules, connectors and sites as your needs change, ensuring Elcom evolves with your organisation.


Elcom is an incredibly rich publishing platform, here is a complete list of everything our core platform can do for you.

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Optional modules are available to enhance the functionality of your solution and meet your specific requirements.

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Elcom built to integrate with your preferred business applications and help you get visibility over all of those platforms.

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Our flexible delivery model makes it easy to meet your system administration, technical, security and support requirements.

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Let us create a custom package to suit your digital needs.

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Manage all users and content in one place, saving you administration time and money. 

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