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Missionaries at Africa University train leaders to embrace an ever-changing world

Abundance can be shared across communities in many ways. Africa University produces well-trained agriculturists, some of whom who have become missionaries in other countries, spreading methods for abu ...

Enhancing food security of olive farmers in Palestine

Through UMCOR funding, the Agricultural Development Association (PARC) in Palestine has implemented a project to enhance the food security of olive farmers in Eastern Gaza.

Mission is: Abundance

Mission does not ask that we focus on what is deficient. Mission asks that we celebrate the abundance of skills, resources, knowledge and creativity which God gives all people and communities.

Partnering for abundant health across Nigeria

In Nigeria, United Methodist health facilities in rural areas have been working to improve their outreach into the communities they serve, building a strong, integrated health system that families and ...

UMCOR partners to produce a groundbreaking study on U.S. water access

A new study on water access in the U.S., produced by DigDeep and the U.S. Water Alliance and supported by UMCOR and other partners, reveals that 2 million people in the United States lack access to in ...

Climate change and God's abundance

The Rev. Jenny Phillips, senior technical advisor for environmental sustainability, explores how the impact of climate change on natural disasters, global migration, health and agriculture intersects ...

Faithful abundance

Eric Soard recounts the abundance of relationships and support received from local leaders and community members while working to plant churches in Tanzania, where he's served as a missionary alongsid ...

UMCOR names new executive director

The United Methodist Committee on Relief will enter its ninth decade led by Lara S. Martin who brings a strong background in international disaster response, public health and child welfare.

Remembering heroes of mission and ministry: Sam Dixon and Clint Rabb

On the 10th anniversary of their death, Thomas Kemper remembers the life, ministry and mission of two Global Ministries staff members who died in the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

United Methodists in the United States and Russia benefit from long-term relationships

After a dozen years of a conference-to-conference In Mission Together connection between the Eurasia and Baltimore-Washington episcopal areas, relationships grow stronger and faith grows deeper roots ...

Disaster Response in the Rio Texas Conference

Learn more about how this UMCOR partner is walking alongside those impacted by disaster.

UMCOR: Migrants seeking asylum

Matt Lohmeier, Executive Dir. of San Antonio Justice for Our Neighbors(JFON) and Susan Hellums, Border Area Mission Coordinator of First United Methodist Church of McAllen discuss their firsthand expe ...

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