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Cultivating faith

Commissioned as EarthKeepers in 2019 and now collaborating cross-country, the Rev. Crystal Paul Watson and her mother Lavanda Paul have developed and are launching a creation care curriculum for youth ...

Lessons from missionaries on staying connected

Amid the disruptions caused by the coronavirus, people seek new ways to maintain spiritual and social connections. This second of three reflections looks at how missionaries stay connected to social s ...

Teaching the power of Christ’s words

As we celebrate the reality of the risen Christ in our lives and churches during the season of Easter, here are a few updates related to how we have served our risen Lord in Estonia.

Along the U.S. southern border

Last Lenten season, we participated in the Immigration Immersion program on the southern border.

Like child’s play

Holy Week becomes a time for fellowship and play for grade-schoolers in Liberia. Every year for the past several years, the Rev. Jacob Nathan has organized and led a camp for grade school children.

Coalition denounces continual use of the term “China/Chinese Virus”

A statement from the Inter-Ethnic Strategic Development Group, a coalition represented by the five racial ethnic caucuses of The United Methodist Church, urges public officials to discontinue the use ...

A harvest of knowledge

This season of Lent opens doors for us to change into the person that God wants us to be. Step up and do your part. Christ will soon offer his life to us. Be the first to offer your life to God.

Lessons from missionaries on staying connected

As people of faith get used to new routines in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we can look to missionaries as a source for inspiration. Missionaries navigate social and professional disorientati ...

Walking through the Light

A Lenten devotion on how the coronavirus crisis is illuminating deeply rooted injustices by Global Mission Fellow Yoshi Kuramoto.

What resonates with me

Mae Anne Lee N. Biasbas, a Global Mission Fellow from the Philippines, considers her service with the Christian Council in Zambia, how it has changed her and what she will remember and cherish as she ...

A pastors’ retreat on the theme of violence

Ardell Graner, a missionary serving in the Dominican Republic, offers a practical exercise that helped a group of pastors focus on families and individuals affected by domestic violence in their commu ...

Cameroon and Senegal mission initiatives confirmed as districts of Côte d’Ivoire Episcopal Area

Two days of discussions centered on the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding formalizes the transition of Cameroon and Senegal to the leadership of the Cote d’Ivoire Episcopal Area.

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