Mission is: Relief

During the month of March, explore stories that show relief in action through the ministries and initiatives of Global Ministries. From a response to earthquakes in Puerto Rico to offering welcome and needed services to Venezuelan migrants, relief is embodied in every aspect of the work of Global Ministries.

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Partners in relief for Venezuelan migrants

Because of the continuing political crisis, more than 4.6 million Venezuelans, or 16% of the country’s population, have migrated to other countries in South America. UMCOR partners with Methodist churches in Colombia, Peru and Brazil to offer welcome and needed services.

Jubilee Water Project installs indoor plumbing in Tennessee mountain homes

Only about 34% of the homes in Hancock County, Tennessee, are connected to the municipal water system. Wells and mountain springs supply the rest. The United Methodist Jubilee Water Project seeks to ensure that mountain residents have access to clean, filtered water in their homes; some for the firs ...

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