Growing as Global Mission Fellows

Marcharkelti McKenzie, a US-2 alumna, reflects on her service in the Global Mission Fellows program and how it continues to inform her growth and development today.

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Walking through the Light

A Lenten devotion on how the coronavirus crisis is illuminating deeply rooted injustices by Global Mission Fellow Yoshi Kuramoto.

What resonates with me

Mae Anne Lee N. Biasbas, a Global Mission Fellow from the Philippines, considers her service with the Christian Council in Zambia, how it has changed her and what she will remember and cherish as she finishes her term of service.

A short history of Global Mission Fellows

The first Methodist short-term, young adult missionary program began in 1948, sending young adults to serve 3-year assignments in Asian countries devastated during World War II. Today, Global Mission Fellows come from many different countries and serve in placements around the world.