In Mission Together


Inviting United Methodists around the world to inspire, equip and encourage one another to explore new possibilities in mission together.


Children in the Jalingo, Nigeria, Orphanage Home. (Photo by Kathryn Witte)


Global Ministries engages in God’s mission in the world through partnerships that:
  • Are both global and local in nature.
  • Are collaborative and inclusive.
  • Emphasize cross-cultural, asset-based development.
  • Foster mutual transformation.
  • Create long-term goals with lasting impact.



In Mission Together partnerships are grounded in five core mission priorities:
  1. Church planting.
  2. Spiritual formation.
  3. Community development.
  4. Open communication using current technology.
  5. Preventing dependency through the promotion of self-sufficiency.




Regional Partnership Coordinators offer accompaniment while assisting local
leaders and congregations to engage with one another.

Group gathering/devotions with Pilviskiai United Methodist Church and partner church, First United Methodist Church Neenah/Menasha, Neenah, WI. (Photo by Jeanie Reimer)

Your congregation’s commitment to extend and receive radical hospitality with fellow United Methodists around the world opens the door to a multitude of benefits including:
  • Authentic cross-cultural experiences.
  • Mutually enriching spiritual encounters.
  • Increased cultural sensitivity.
  • Opportunities for growth locally and globally.
  • Fulfillment of the Great Commission through tangible actions.
Credit Kathryn Witte

Learning about Protestant prayer beads at the 2018 Women’s Retreat in DaLat, Vietnam. (Photo by Joyce Peters)

Partnership Coordinators facilitate the creation of a covenant that outlines shared goals and interests. This is a dynamic and living relationship where partners collaborate, pray and celebrate with each other. Partners pledge to each other:
  • Not do for the other what they can do for themselves.
  • To commit to a long-term, ongoing partnership
    (three- to five-year minimum).

Coordinators remain available for accompaniment, support and facilitation for the duration of the partnership in a variety of ways, including:
  • Identifying and connecting partners with resources.
  • Developing and incorporating communication tools.
  • Clarifying and communicating objectives and goals.

Where do IMT partnerships exist? 

Upcoming Mission Summits, Gatherings and Consultations

Eastern Europe and Balkans (eight countries)

October 24 (6pm) to 26 (12:15pm), 2019, sponsored by Kentucky Conference & Global Ministries

Southeast Asia (five countries)

March 1-3, 2020, sponsored by North Carolina Conference & Global Ministries

  • Dixon Chapel UMC, 190 Varnamtown Rd SW, Varnamtown, NC (near Myrtle Beach)


March 3-5, 2020, sponsored by North Carolina Conference & Global Ministries

  • Dixon Chapel UMC, 190 Varnamtown Rd SW, Varnamtown, NC (near Myrtle Beach)