Global Ministries facilitates mission partnerships with churches and missionaries around the world through the In Mission Together (IMT) program and Covenant Relationships. The focus on partnerships steps away from the traditional approach to mission, which is often needs based and results in short-term relief, and instead embraces asset-based, long-term development. We believe that true partnership focuses on mutual respect, service, support and prayer.

Dancers Perform at an International Dinner - Credit: John ColemanIn Mission Together through international partnerships

IMT is a global partnership network available to equip your conference, district or church for transformational partnerships in mission in the United States and around the world. Partners commit to one another through an In Mission Together Covenant, a sacred agreement to participate equally as the body of Christ using the skills and resources of each community.

This kind of partnership prevents dependency and fosters self-sufficiency. It addresses systemic issues instead of treating symptoms. Another outcome is that this partnership results in a “glocal” (global and local) ministry. It equips both parties with principles that are cross-culturally appropriate for contexts in the United States and overseas.


Contact an IMT Partnership Coordinator for information about initiatives and the Covenant.



Connect with a National Plan

Global Ministries administers four of The United Methodist Church’s six ethnic/language ministry plans. These ministries are supported by general denominational funds.

The national ethnic plans strive for Unity within diversity. They aim to expand the ministry of the church in the United States in ways that honor the cultural contexts of each of the communities they serve.


  National Plan Cover Brochure

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Enter into a Covenant Relationship with a missionary

Through a Covenant Relationship you and your church can provide specific support for one of the 350-plus Global Ministries missionaries serving in more than 60 countries. Individuals and churches can partner with a missionary and provide financial, spiritual and emotional support.

Your church can begin a Covenant Relationship by establishing a financial goal of $5 per member of your church per year. Individuals can also covenant with a missionary for $500 per year.

This partnership is much more than a financial commitment. It is a dynamic relationship where the church and missionary pray for one another and communicate regularly. When you covenant with one missionary, you are supporting the entire United Methodist missionary community on their behalf and in their name.