Global Mission Fellows

Global Mission Fellows are young adults, ages 20–30, who are committed to work in social justice ministries for two years. They serve outside of their home communities, either in the United States or overseas. This graduate-level fellowship allows participants to address the root causes of oppression and alleviate human suffering alongside community organizations in a variety of issues including public health (including HIV/AIDS), migration/immigration, education and poverty.

Creating opportunities for young adults is a priority of Global Ministries. Young adults play a critical role as agents of change in The United Methodist Church.




Core Values

Global Mission Fellows aim to:

  • ENGAGE with local communities
  • CONNECT the church in mission
  • GROW in personal and social holiness

Program Structure

The program has two tracks: US-2 and International. Both tracks offer candidates the opportunity to be part of a cohort of other Global Mission Fellows from around the world. Fellows train and regroup with the same young adults throughout the two years of service. They provide support to one another and share in their journeys.

US-2 Track

The US-2 Track is for those authorized to work in the United States (including citizens, DAPA and DACA) and who are called to serve in the United States. It is a 24-month service program that includes training, transition into the new affiliate site, and intentional/community living. 

International Track

The International Track is for young adults all across the globe who are called to serve outside of their home country. It is a 24-month service program that includes two months of initial training and transition and approximately 22 months of service. There is also an optional two months of integration in a Fellow’s home country following the conclusion of international service, called the Integration Term. During these first two months back in their home community, the Fellow will have the opportunity to transition back into his or her home country by working with a project or training, serve as a fellow-in-residence or itinerate for Global Ministries.

NOTE: Those serving in the International Track will not be eligible for placement in the United States.

Global Mission Fellows make an impact!

Global Mission Fellows serve in many ways, and help create sustainable change in their host communities. Here are just a few ways that GMFs make a difference in impact areas like food justice, health access, education and migration. 

Hunger and Poverty Icon

International Track
In Cambodia, fellows provide technical support for the work of rural food security, offering small scale loans, farm designs, best practices and collaborative leadership development.

US-2 Track
In Michigan, fellows actively work with the local community to assess the needs and organize neighborhood gardens, to provide fruit and vegetables to food insecure neighbors.

Help create sustainable change.

Global Health Icon

International Track
In Zimbabwe, fellows partner with the community to coordinate, design, and monitor health programs, including maternal and child health, Malaria prevention, and HIV/AIDS education.

US-2 Track
In Philadelphia, fellows administer work alongside healthcare programs to support medical case management for homeless men in the community.

Bring health resources to under-served communities.

Education Icon

International Track
In Brazil, fellows work with a project with opportunities for children in low income communities to provide a safe place to grow, offering arts, sports, computer, language skill and dance programming.

US-2 Track
In Florida, fellows coach the robotics team and provide tutoring to the youth in science and technology projects, provide opportunities for group problem-solving and lifelong development.

Make a positive impact by bolstering education.

Migration Icon

International Track
In Hong Kong, fellows provide support for research, communication, and advocacy with local organizations working with human rights for domestic workers, migration, social justice, and peace.

US-2 Track
In Washington, fellows work alongside a non-profit organization to provide support to US immigrants and refugees with information about immigration laws and citizenship.

Help secure the four rights of migrants.

Core Values


Global Mission Fellows engage with local communities. They are called to do ministry with-not to or for-their local partners. Fellows serve alongside churches, community groups, and individuals to address the priorities of people in the community they are serving. They discover ways in which God is already at work. Fellows live simply. As learners and co-laborers, they commit to having the same standard of living as their local partners. Simple living is an act of solidarity and humility. It also allows Fellows to witness systemic injustice. Fellows embrace interdependence and become a daily presence in people's lives.


Global Mission Fellows connect the church in mission. They tell stories in local churches about their experiences of God’s gracious love. They advocate for social change, and testify about hope in the face of injustice. Fellows invite churches to participate in mission projects through prayer, financial support, emotional care, and common action. Connecting the local church with the global church is one significant way young adults are making disciples for the transformation of the world.


Global Mission Fellows grow in personal and social holiness. John Wesley, our Methodist founder, used the terms “personal holiness” and “social holiness” to describe our inward growth in the love of God and neighbor, which in turn leads to outward works of love. Through service and contemplation, Fellows grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Following Jesus’ example, they show compassion through presence, word, and deed. They understand, as did John Wesley, that transformation happens when the inner and outer life are aligned in right relationship with God, oneself, others, and creation.

Fellows join local initiatives to break the chains of injustice and alleviate human suffering (Isaiah 58:6-7). Recognizing marginalized peoples’ prophetic role, Fellows accompany them in building just communities. They follow the call to “do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God,” (Micah 6:8).

United Methodist Connection

Global Mission Fellows is a program of The United Methodist Church. It is open to every denominational background but Fellows must be willing to represent The United Methodist Church and uphold its Social Principles. The Wesleyan value of personal and social holiness is at the core of this program.

Global Mission Fellows are commissioned and set by Global Ministries, the mission agency of The United Methodist Church.

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