Pray With Us

Join us each day in prayer for projects and missionaries around the world.

This week’s mission focus includes the following projects:

  • March 31: Friendly Center, Toledo, Ohio
  • April 1: Hope Foundation for African Women (HFAW) in Kenya. Empowering Communities – advancing human rights, health and economic well-being in Borabu.
  • April 2: Hope Foundation for African Women (HFAW) in Kenya. Empowerment Through Agriculture – empowering vulnerable women farmer in rural Kenya through training in best practices, business practices and financial literacy.
  • April 3: Iglesia Colombiana Metodista, Columbia. Building Peace – building peace-making practices in members to prepare them for building peace in their communities.
  • April 4: Kindu Orphanage Improvements in Democratic Republic of Congo. Caring for the physical and spiritual needs of those whose parents were killed in war or by AIDS.
  • April 5: Central Congo Resource Center in Democratic Republic of Congo. Building a resource center to be used for training sessions, meetings, events and activities.
  • April 6: Good Neighbor Settlement House in Brownsville, Texas.

This week’s mission witness

Thomas Kemper, General Secretary

Two hundred years ago today, God inspired the formation of the first missionary society in the United Methodist lineage. Today, the Missio Dei (God’s mission) makes possible “mission from everywhere to everywhere.” My wife, Barbara, and I, who are Germans, are thankful for our own missionary calling. We served in Brazil where two of our three children were born. In Sao Paulo I had the privilege to prepare and eat soup with the street people, joining where God was already in mission.