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Sustainable Development

UMCOR works to facilitate long-term community development and empowerment in areas of great need. Many development issues and opportunities are interrelated. Because of this, UMCOR uses integrated solutions to address the root causes of specific problems. This is done by working with UMCOR’s extensive partner network alongside local communities to develop their assets in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); sustainable agriculture and food security; livelihoods and resilience; climate change adaptation and mitigation; and education and health.

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News and stories | The impact of Sustainable Development

UMCOR is committed to helping communities rebuild for the long term and become more resilient through sustainable development. Every day, we work with our partners, taking steps to restore hope and make the world a better place. Learn more about our work in Sustainable Development through the impact stories below. 

Creation care gets traction as priority

A growing amount of grassroots climate change work is being done by graduates of Global Ministries EarthKeepers training.

We learned to love our neighbors

Better crops, more income to send children to school, better health – out of all the outcomes beneficiaries of the CHAD program in Cambodia receive, they rate learning to love their neighbors as number one.

Love and human dignity make an UMCOR WASH project in Mozambique

UMCOR helps a school in Mozambique receive new sanitation and water facilities, while its students gain life lessons in community organizing, project coordination and human dignity for all.

Learn more about our other Areas of Impact that are a part of Sustainable Development, and how integrated solutions help address holistic needs.

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Water, sanitation and hygiene, known together as WASH, are essential for good health and well-being. Global Ministries supports WASH programs worldwide, providing direct help through UMCOR and supporting the work of partners.

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Lack of access to healthy and nutritious food is a major factor in starvation and malnutrition. UMCOR works with partners to improve agricultural methods, increase crop diversity and yields, expand market access and boost nutrition in vulnerable communities.

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The Creation Care program looks inward at the work of UMCOR and Global Ministries and outward at the ministries of The United Methodist Church to equip the church to address modes of living that contribute to climate change and environmental degradation.

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