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Supporting young people and students through scholarships not only ensures the future of the church in mission but also supports active young leaders of today. The World Communion Scholarship Program supports United Methodist students and those who are directly related to Global Ministries mission partners so that they may complete their master’s or doctoral studies at universities or seminaries. International Leadership Development Grants also support students who are directly related to Global Ministries mission partner institutions (church, ecumenical or grassroots) for further studies. Additional national and international leadership-development grants support bachelor level and post-secondary studies.

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The Impact of Scholarships

Shade and Fresh Water encourages youth in Brazil to make healthy choices

Shade and Fresh Water in Brazil receives Global Health grants to extend programming for older youth to help them resist substance abuse.

Abundant Health includes mental health in worldwide ministry and outreach

Abundant health for all means that vulnerable populations struggling with substance abuse, mental stress, and psychological disorders receive the help they need to live full and healthy lives.

Supporting mothers and babies for a healthy start

Breastfeeding is a good way for mothers to give their babies a healthy start in life. The Abundant Health Initiative honors World Breastfeeding Week with stories of mothers and babies who thrive with the help of simple and practical health interventions.

In Focus: Global Health

During the month of August, follow along as we share stories about the lifesaving work of global health.

First health center opens in rural Congo village

Osio is a village located more than 25 kilometers from Kisangani city. Each year for many years, the population of this village might travel thousands of kilometers to receive medical care.

We learned to love our neighbors

Better crops, more income to send children to school, better health – out of all the outcomes beneficiaries of the CHAD program in Cambodia receive, they rate learning to love their neighbors as number one.