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Supporting young people and students through scholarships not only ensures the future of the church in mission but also supports active young leaders of today. The World Communion Scholarship Program supports United Methodist students and those who are directly related to Global Ministries mission partners so that they may complete their master’s or doctoral studies at universities or seminaries. International Leadership Development Grants also support students who are directly related to Global Ministries mission partner institutions (church, ecumenical or grassroots) for further studies. Additional national and international leadership-development grants support bachelor level and post-secondary studies.

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The Impact of Scholarships

UMCOR partners with a community in the Philippines in the face of landslides and relocation

The community of Tamac in the Philippines partners with UMCOR through the Baguio Episcopal Area Disaster Management Office to shore up needed water sources after typhoons and a landslide destroy homes and fields.

Church and Community Worker Janet Lynne Horman is on a mission to help migrants

Striving to embody the church in her own community, missionary and attorney Janet Horman directs Florida Justice For Our Neighbors and provides free legal services to migrants in the U.S.

United Methodist Church launches major asylum initiative

Partnering with Church World Service and National Justice For Our Neighbors, UMCOR approved a three-year, $1.8 million pilot project to provide wrap-around services for asylum seekers in three major U.S. cities.

Global Ministries’ directors focus on God’s mission in a fractured world

Directors of the Global Ministries and UMCOR, meeting Oct. 10-12, focus on mission and ministry, global migration, disaster response, new initiatives and ways to bind the United Methodists together despite fractures in the church and world.

Focus on global migration: “What could be our ship?”

In his report to the board, general secretary Thomas Kemper named hopeful examples of mission the United Methodist people collectively do “in a fractured world and church,” with an emphasis on ministries surrounding global migration.

Hurricane Dorian: From devastation to resilience in the Bahamas

Residents of Grand Bahama Island and Abaco are receiving relief in the form of shelter, meals and hygiene items. Some are also taking great joy in being a part of the volunteer effort, serving their neighbors in the midst of their own tragedies.