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Supporting young people and students through scholarships not only ensures the future of the church in mission but also supports active young leaders of today. The World Communion Scholarship Program supports United Methodist students and those who are directly related to Global Ministries mission partners so that they may complete their master’s or doctoral studies at universities or seminaries. International Leadership Development Grants also support students who are directly related to Global Ministries mission partner institutions (church, ecumenical or grassroots) for further studies. Additional national and international leadership-development grants support bachelor level and post-secondary studies.

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The Impact of Scholarships

Welcome the stranger: act boldly on World Refugee Day

General secretary Thomas Kemper urges United Methodists to not only remember, but respond, to the needs of the record 70.8 million displaced people in the world today.

Methodist Church of Brazil welcomes migrants: Shade and Fresh Water

From the Brazilian Methodist Church, a story of welcome and service with Venezuelan refugees arriving in Boa Vista, Brazil.

Ensuring universal rights and welcome for global migrants

This overview of UMCOR’s global migration work includes places of welcome, food for body and spirit, education, legal help and many more ways that United Methodists serve and support migrants around the world.

Fire season advances as California rebuilds

As wildfire season approaches, United Methodists continue to rebuild from previous wildfires, like the Camp Fire in Paradise, California last year, and share ways to prepare for what might come next.

In Focus: Migration

For the month of June, follow along as we highlight the ways in which UMCOR is working to support the rights of migrants all over the world.

United Methodists offer lifeline to reservation

In South Dakota, UMCOR is coming alongside the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in both community development and disaster relief.