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The Leadership Development and Scholarship office administers scholarship funding to students worldwide through two scholarship programs:

1. The World Communion program (formerly known as the Crusade Scholarship) offers scholarships to United Methodist and other Methodists church members seeking to obtain a master’s or doctoral degree and then serve the church and community in some form after their studies.

2. The Leadership Development Grants offer funding to students seeking a post-secondary, master’s, doctoral, professional or leadership development program. These grants support the preparation of students who will work to further the mission of Christ in the world.

In choosing our scholarship recipients each year, we focus on candidates who fit our four areas of focus. Those areas of focus are combating the diseases of poverty by improving health globally, engaging in ministry with the poor, creating new places for people and renewal of existing local churches, and developing principled Christian leaders for the church and the world. Using these areas of focus allows us to find the students who have the best opportunity and best drive to further the Christian mission in the world and serve the global United Methodist Church and its partners after their studies have concluded.

Scholar Profile | Ayra Indrias Patras

Ayra Patras

Ayra grew up in a lower middle class, Christian family with an Anglican father and Catholic mother. She strongly believes in ecumenism.

Her parents worked hard to support her studies, and she received a Christian education in Rawalpinidi. Early in her studies, Arya was overlooked for a role in a Christmas program because her teachers wanted to give lead roles to students with more fair complexions. This sparked a desire to stand up and speak out against injustice. She pursued a master’s degree in International Relations and began working to advance the rights of women and religious minorities in her home country.

In 2009, Arya began working and building relationships with United Methodist ministries, including United Methodist Women (UMW). She is currently pursuing a PhD in Gender Studies and continues to promote and protect the rights of women and religious minorities with organizations like the National Lobbying Delegation for Minorities and the Christian Study Centre.

Arya says her scholarship “enabled me practically to continue my studies without addressing any burden that can [pop up] from financial concerns. Support for tuition fee[s] has peacefully allowed me to concentrate on my studies.”

After completing her PhD, Arya will continue to work with faith-based organizations advocating for the rights of religious minorities and women, as well as promote citizenship rights, interfaith harmony and peace-building initiatives.

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Our scholarship application cycle begins in late November or early December every year and lasts until October of the following year. Please reach out to us through the contact information on this page with any questions you may have.

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