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Racial and Ethnic Ministries

In recognition and celebration of the increasing diversity of the world, Global Ministries administers four of The United Methodist Church's six ethnic/language ministry plans, also known as the U.S. "national plans." These four ministries serve Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, Korean and Pacific Islander communities in the United States. The national plans strive for unity within diversity. They aim to expand the ministry of The United Methodist Church in a way that does not compromise the ethnic and cultural context of each of the communities they serve.

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The Impact of Racial and Ethnic Ministries

Transforming the world in a rural cooperative ministry

Shirley Townsend-Jones, a Church and Community Worker missionary in South Carolina, works with a rural African American cooperative ministry. Her ministry pulls together people from nine churches to face challenges, transform their communities, and celebrate the small victories of each day.

Participants reflect on disaster case management training

In March of 2020, UMCOR partnered with Highland Park UMC in Dallas, Texas to hold a three-day intensive, providing in-depth understanding of the foundations, principles and processes of disaster case management.

Sheltering in Love Grant Recipient: Intown Food Pantry

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave vulnerable communities hungry, Intown Collaborative Ministries in Atlanta, GA is using funds from UMCOR to ensure their food pantry is able to safely meet an increased need for food.

Sowing and harvesting in Hungarian Roma communities

Urs Schweizer shares a story from The United Methodist Church in Hungary, which has developed a backyard farming program with a few Roma communities who raise more nutritious food and some extra income.

Responding with love and compassion to serve neighbors in need

Like many places in the world, Vietnam is facing economic impacts from the novel coronavirus. The Vietnam Mission Initiative partnered with Global Ministries Asia Pacific Regional Office, Scranton Women’s Leadership Center, and the Wesley Foundation to offer concrete love and compassion to its neigh ...

Faithful UMC institutions stretch to serve communities

Among the recipients of the UMCOR Rapid Response COVID-19 grants are some of the United Methodist National Mission Institutions with long histories of service in their communities. Gum Moon Residence, Red Bird Mission and Henderson Settlement extended their missions to keep people fed, housed and co ...