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Malaria is a preventable and all-too-often deadly disease spread by the anopheles mosquito. The Imagine No Malaria program aims to reduce the number of deaths and illnesses caused by malaria in African communities through comprehensive, community-based malaria programs and quality health services through United Methodist-affiliated health centers.

To achieve these goals, the Imagine No Malaria program focuses on education about malaria, prevention using insecticide treated nets, diagnosis and treatment and health facility revitalization.

Imagine No Malaria programs leverage health systems, partnerships and resources by working with United Methodist annual conferences to develop and build the capacity of local health departments in episcopal areas across Africa. Health departments can then develop strategic plans with context appropriate, integrated solutions to end malaria and other preventable diseases. These United Methodist health departments are awarded grants to implement their local projects and activities in line with the INM program goal and objectives.

Health ministries around the world

Global health efforts are diverse in both approach and regional application. Learn more about the different ways our global health partners create interdisciplinary solutions to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. 


Global Ministries and UMCOR mobilizes and appropriates funding to support projects around the world that prevent the spread of HIV, provide care with those living with HIV/AIDS and improve access to testing and treatment.

Health Systems Strengthening

Using the framework of the World Health Organization's six health system strengthening building blocks, Global Ministries works to improve the quality of health service and increase access to health care in low-resource settings through United Methodist health networks.

Health in the United States

In the United States, Global Ministries’ health programs promote and provide resources for the establishment of health ministries in local congregations, especially through a network of faith-community nurses and health advocates.