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Global Ministries is engaged in a variety of programs to nurture and sustain community organizations. Through financial assistance, volunteer skills, economic development, advocacy and material resources, Global Ministries creates new initiatives to support the lives of women, children, youth, families and older adults. 


The Community Developers Program (CDP) is a network of racial-ethnic congregations and communities throughout the United States committed to advancing the church’s capacity to be in mission in partnership with the communities where they are located. Work includes advocacy, economic development, youth organizing, addressing local needs, creating an awareness of national and international causes and effects.

The CDP network currently has 22 active sites throughout the United States. CDP site focus areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Small business development 
  • STEM 
  • Transitional housing 
  • Substance abuse treatment 
  • Addiction 
  • Financial literacy 
  • Homelessness 
  • Racial equity 
  • Life skills 
  • Immigration 
  • Education 
  • Affordable housing 
  • Literacy 
  • Health and wellness 

Each CDP site employs a community developer to work with the community, as well as serve as a liaison between the community and the church.

Up to 10 sites can be accepted into the program each year.


Global Ministries provides seed grants ($6,000) to assist churches in discerning possible programming in the local community. Grant funds can be used for, but not limited to, the following activities:

  • Community mapping
  • Recruiting volunteers to work towards making systemic changes
  • Congregation and community engagement
  • Asset based community development
  • Community assessment
  • Advocacy and social justice
  • Creating and expanding community partnerships

Global Ministries also provides salary/stipend support for five years to strengthen capacity for racial/ethnic United Methodist Congregations to move beyond the planning phase to implementation. Grant salary supports are disbursed using the following schedule:

1st year: $10,000
2nd year: $10,000
3rd year: $10,000
4th year: $ 8,000
5th year: $ 6,000

For additional information, please contact Dr. Dana Lyles, Director-US Office on Multicultural Ministries, at

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The Impact of Community Development

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With a grant from UMCOR, church installs rainwater collection systems at three health facilities in East Congo Episcopal Area.

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UMCOR grants have provided a way for Holding Institute Community Center in Laredo, Texas, to harness the sun, save money, save the environment and provide more food and services to people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health access and coverage: an issue of justice

Through the reach of United Methodist health facilities, marginalized communities receive quality care with dignity and compassion, especially women and children.

Roland Fernandes begins leadership of Global Ministries

Fernandes succeeds Thomas Kemper as head of mission and development agency.

Hospitality continues for detained immigrants during pandemic

An UMCOR grant helps El Refugio serve detained immigrants and their loved ones.

Louisiana should expect four-year recovery period, UMCOR says

Early assessments of the devastation caused by Hurricane Laura indicate the impacted region should expect to be in a state of recovery for a three to four year period.