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UPDATE: Tawanda Chandiwana is back in Zimbabwe. 

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Tawanda Chandiwana is a Global Mission Fellow for two years with Initiatives for Peace Mindanao (InPeace) in the Philippines.

InPeace, headquartered in Davao City on the island of Mindanao, is a grassroots, interfaith organization that works for human rights, peace education, and conflict resolution. InPeace is a long-time mission partner of Global Ministries. Tawanda works as a peace and advocacy associate.

Tawanda is from Zimbabwe, where he is a member of the Hilltop United Methodist Church in Mutare in the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference. He holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree in sociology and a masters’ degree in public policy and governance from Africa University, the United Methodist institution in Mutare.

Born and raised in The United Methodist Church, Tawanda says that “God has always been involved in my life and it is through his grace that I was lifted from the dust to become someone.”

On May 8th, 2018, Tawanda was detained for overstaying his visa, though he had initiated the process for an extension under a tourist visa. Today, we call for the immediate release of Tawanda, and for his swift departure home to Zimbabwe! Take action now!

UPDATE: Miracle Osman, home in Malawi!


Miracle Osman Nkhata is a Global Mission Fellow engaged in a two-year term of service.

Miracle is from Malawi where she is a member of the Galilee United Methodist Church in Blantyre, a congregation of the Malawi Provisional Annual Conference. She holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in social work from the Catholic University of Malawi. She has worked for ActionAid Malawi and as young women’s coordinator for the United Methodist Church in Malawi.

As a small child, Miracle learned many Bible stories from her father in nightly family devotions. She began to share those stories with her friends at school and church, and even in her primary school years she was called upon to share what she had learned.

Her work after school drew her closer to her passion—of working with vulnerable groups of people by being present in their lives. Serving in the Philippines with the indigenous people of Mindanao is fulfilling God’s purpose for her existence.

Earlier this spring, the Bureau of Immigration withheld Miracle’s passport, restricting her ability to return to Malawi. Today, we call for her passport to be returned to her, and for her swift departure home to Malawi! Take action now!

UPDATE: Adam Shaw back in the United States.


Adam Shaw is a missionary serving as an International Linkages Coordinator assigned to the Save Our Schools, Protect Indigenous Life project based in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines. He is a former Mission Advocate and Mission Intern having served in New York City, the Philippines and the California-Pacific Annual Conference (Cal-Pac). He came to his present work in 2016.

Adam was initially commissioned in August 2011 as a Mission Intern with Initiatives for Peace in Mindanao (InPeace). In 2013 Adam was assigned in Los Angeles with the Cal-Pac Task Force on the Philippines, which relates to the annual conference’s work for peace and justice and its Board of Church and Society.

His sense of mission includes a commitment to genuine peace based on justice. He has a keen awareness of being called “to trust, fear, worship, and delight in God. I am called to be in solidarity with all of God’s creation.”

Adam is ready to return home to the United States, but is unable to do so without approval to leave the country. Today, we ask for his permission to leave, and for his swift departure home to the United States!

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