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Global Ministries' Committee for Native American Concerns Meets in Atlanta 

Guided by Native American leadership, including members of the Global Ministries’ board of directors, a newly formed committee for Native American concerns convened this week in Atlanta. They met to act on the next steps to raise awareness of the harm caused by some U.S. sports teams that use Native American mascots and/or symbols.
The committee will expand its work substantially over the coming months, which will include providing leadership for a Global Ministries board of directors meeting scheduled for Fall 2018 that will be dedicated to Native American concerns and developing additional educational tools for conferences and congregations.


The committee complements efforts already long under way at Global Ministries and among all general agencies and related organizations seeking to fulfill General Conference resolutions that support and are in solidarity with Native Americans—going back more than 20 years.
The Rev. Glen Chebon Kernell Jr., executive secretary of Native American and Indigenous Ministries for Global Ministries, said, “This has been on the minds of many throughout the Native American constituency since Global Ministries moved its headquarters to Atlanta, Ga., in 2016. I am excited to be a part of this implementation team in its work supporting the church and putting in place practical tools to address the use of Native American images and objects as mascots in popular sports culture.”