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At Long Last - A Mother’s Day Reunion

By Rob Rutland-Brown*

“For 15 years, I felt incomplete,” Rocio said, her eyes filling with tears. “I had such grief in my heart because I couldn’t be there when my mom needed me.” Rocio recounts the years away from her mother, and reconnecting with her through the help of Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON), a United Methodist immigration ministry. Her story begins with the reminiscing and tearful account of the things she missed since her departure.

“The courtyard filled with flowers and hummingbirds, the smell of her favorite enchiladas potosinas cooking in the kitchen . . . .” Most of all, Rocio missed her mother.

With her green card in hand—obtained with JFON Tennessee’s help—Rocio took her two American-born children back to her childhood home in Mexico last year. It was a much-longed-for Mother’s Day reunion.

Rocio and her mom.pngRocio and her mother. PHOTO: NJFON

“I thank JFON for making this dream possible for me and my kids,” Rocio says. “And I pray for all the people who are not able to see their moms.”

For the cost of a bouquet of flowers, you can help reunite others like Rocio with their mothers. Your tax-deductible donation makes it possible for our national network of attorneys to inform immigrants of their rights under U.S. immigration law and provide affordable, high-quality legal representation.

Global Ministries/UMCOR engage in the United States with refugees and other immigrants primarily in partnership with Church World Service, an ecumenical agency that is one of eight organizations certified by the federal government to resettle refugees, and/or National Justice for Our Neighbors, founded by UMCOR in 1997 and now separately incorporated, which offers free congregation-based legal services to immigrants. Four ethnic/racial or language ministry plans also deal with migration issues. International work is direct or in collaboration with other humanitarian agencies.

*Rob Rutland-Brown is the Executive Director for National Justice for Our Neighbors.