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National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

The Global Health Unit works with faith communities and other partners to coordinate a global response to drug and alcohol abuse and dependency. We provide grants to organizations seeking to offer informed, compassionate, and evidence-based responses to the needs of individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction and for prevention efforts that address drug and alcohol abuse. This is a list of Global Health 2016 grants related to substance abuse prevention and recovery. For more information contact

Drug and alcohol abuse prevention is everyone's responsibility.

Here are some ways you can join in this effort:
  • Make your home, place of worship, car, and business/workplace smoke-free and tobacco-free.

  • Find local educational materials, support groups, or cessation programs that address drug and alcohol abuse and offer these to church members who want to quit. A good source of information is your state or local health department.

  • Display educational materials on drugs and alcohol on your group's campus. Link to them on your website and include them in your publications.

  • Sponsor educational and cessation classes for drugs, smoking, or alcohol at your place of worship. Create and lead support groups.

  • Advocate for policies that make it easier for current smokers and those with alcohol and drug problems to quit and harder for others to start—especially youth.


Helpful resources:

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