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Mission Minute: Gary and Cindy Moon

Cindy and Gary Moon Mission Minute portrait for Oct 2014

Gary and Cindy Moon are missionaries from Los Angeles, CA who were born in Korea and since 2009 have served with the Thailand Mission Initiative. In addition to planting churches, they manage the Chiang Mai orphanage they founded, and they work in communities to develop farms and other sustainable projects. While attending the Thailand Annual Meeting, Melissa Hinnen asked the Moons to share their thoughts on mission. 

Gary: Mission is fulfilling God’s dream at the site where the missionary is called. Where God calls, I will follow. I had a strong calling to be a missionary in 2002 and I prepared for seven years, sure that God was calling me to serve in Cambodia. But in 2009 I was called to Thailand and I would never turn back.

Cindy: Mission is spreading God’s Kingdom. God gave us his dream and I want God to use me as a tool to spread Gospel of Jesus Christ and make his disciples.

What is Mission?

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