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Mission Minute: Rachel and Dan Gabler

Rachel and Dan Gabler are missionaries currently living in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo where Dan works with the church’s aviation ministry, and Rachel works in Christian education.

Rachel and Dan were born into missionary families, growing up in Bolivia where both of their parents are based. Spending nearly all of their lives in some form of mission, Rachel and Dan truly understand mission to be their calling.


What is mission?

Mission is trying to share God’s love, and God’s care, and God’s answer for the people He designed.”

Dan: “I help other people, enabling them to carry on the mission work. My work is focused on mechanical things; this is how I am able to benefit the community and to spread the gospel. “

Why is mission necessary? 

Rachel: “Because God for some strange reason decided to use people to show His love. He didn’t do it with angels. For whatever reason He wants to do it through people, and that’s why we do it.”

Dan: “And it becomes an incredible privilege to become part of God’s work.”

Rachel: “He uses us. To be used by our almighty God is so exciting. If you are just faithful to what He is leading you to do, and not necessarily understanding, He can take and use things in your life to bring things together and use it in ways you never expected and never thought possible. And looking back saying ‘wow, I couldn’t have arranged that’.”

What is Mission?

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