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Mission Minute: Dr. Dora Canales Nuñez

Dr. Dora Canales NuñezDr. Dora Canales Nuñez is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries, serving as president and professor at Wesleyan Theological Seminary in Lima, Peru. Dr. Canales, a native of Chile and a lay member of the Methodist Church of Chile, is working with the Peruvian church to shape a curriculum appropriate to Peru and to Wesleyan theology.

In a recent visit to Global Ministries’ headquarters in New York City, Nuñez shared her perspectives on mission. We offer her responses in both Spanish and English.

What is mission?

First of all, and fundamentally, for me, mission means having an ear that is attentive to a call that does not come from oneself but comes precisely from God.  Basically, mission is not a project of our own, no matter what reasons we may have for it, but it is fundamentally God’s mission.

Que es misión?

Fundamentalmente, para mí, misión significa, en primer lugar, tener un oído atento a un llamado que no viene de uno sino viene precisamente de Dios. Misión, fundamentalmente, no es un proyecto propio, por más razones que podamos tener, sino es fundamentalmente una misión de Dios.

Why is mission necessary?

I believe that mission is necessary because, in the first place, it is a principle of our Christian vocation—a mandate that we have received from Jesus himself—to proclaim the gospel to every creature wherever we may be in the world, with our particular talents and vocation.  Second, mission is necessary because there are thousands and thousands of people who still do not know the gospel, that in the midst of so much uncertainty and in a world so troubled the good news is helpful.

Porque es misión necesaria?

En primer lugar, creo que la misión es necesaria  porque es un principio de nuestra vocación cristiana. Es un mandato que hemos recibido de Jesús  mismo—anunciar el evangelio a toda criatura en cualquier lugar del mundo donde nos podamos encontrar, desde los talentos y desde la vocación propia que tenemos.  En segundo lugar, la misión es necesaria porque hay miles y miles de personas que aún no conocen el evangelio, que en medio de tanta incertidumbre en un mundo tan convulsionado las buenas nuevas son útiles.

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