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Mission Volunteer Opportunities: 



Location #1: Aqua Viva Serves in Los Chiles.
Position: Operations  Volunteer
Duration:   At least two months 
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $500, which includes accommodations and meals.

Work descriptionVolunteers assist in all aspects of Agua Viva Operations. From managing teams, marketing, doing site visits, planning projects and drilling wells.

Location #2: Agua Viva Serves in Los Chiles.
Position: Team Volunteer
Duration: Two to three months.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $600,which includes housing (with a/c, less if without), meals and ground transportation.

Work description:  The volunteer will help with the orientation and coordination of short term volunteers for the summer.  Responsibilities include being with teams on work sites and providing overall support to the mission projects.

Location #3: Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana (Latin American Biblical University) in San Jose. 
Position: Assistant to Librarian
Duration: Two to three months 
Estimated monthly living expense:  $350.  Housing is provided.

Work description:  A library background is needed, as the volunteer will be using library software, cataloging, and some shelving and restocking duties. The volunteer is invited to attend general community gatherings and activities of the university, especially weekly community chapel services.  Some Spanish is helpful.


Location: House of Hope, Puerto Lempira, Honduras 
Position: School or Medical Assistant or Assistant to the Directors Duration: Two months and up
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $300, which includes housing, meals, and ground transportation

Work description:  House of Hope is a home for physically disabled children, housing 30-35 children who are often malnourished, abused, neglected, abandoned, or orphaned. The work day of an assistant at House of Hope could include helping prepare the children for school, tutoring, helping with trips to the hospital or doctor's offices, and generally just loving on the children.


Location: Manos Juntas Mexico, Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Position: Education Specialist
Duration: Two months and up
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $337, which includes housing, meals, and in-country transportation

Work description
:  M
anos Juntas has a broad ministry to those families with low income or lack of resources, including two community centers and a Family Clinic. The volunteer will visit the two community centers and clinic to assist teachers with educational techniques at all levels of school and assist with children who have learning difficulties.

Location: Casa de Misericordia (House of Mercy)
Position: Center Assistant
Duration: Two months and up
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $650, which includes housing, meals, and in-country transportation

Work description
:  House of Mercy is an orphanage outside the Mexican city of Piedras Negras, near the Texas border. Their mission is to provide a Christ-centered home for children whose parents are unable or unwilling to care for them. Some of the ways the Center Assistant will help will be to care for the children, teach English lessons, help with homework, and coordinate groups from the United States. 


Location: Las Sabanas. San Miguelito Youth Outreach Position: Youth Outreach Volunteer
Duration: Two months
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $650, which includes housing, meals, and ground transportation.   
Work description: The San Miguelito Youth Outreach Program focuses on at-risk youth in the neighborhood surrounding the El Redentor Methodist Church. The volunteer would work directly with the young people in the activities at the schools as well as at the center.


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