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Mission Volunteer Opportunities: USA


Location: Alabama Rural Ministry in Opelika.  
Position #1: Outreach Coordinator 
Duration: Two months to one year
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing and ground transportation are provided.  $350 estimated monthly for meals.

Work description:  Assist the Tuskegee summer staff with hosting volunteer mission teams; assist staff with nightly worship and discipleship activities related to teams; help prepare grant applications for qualified families; serve alongside mission teams; and assist Director of Ministry Operations and Executive Director in the main office with communications and other tasks as needed.

Position #2: Construction / Home Repair Assistant Coordinator
Duration: Six months to one year
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing and ground transportation are provided.  $450 estimated monthly for meals.

Work description:  Work with the construction supervisor to set up home repair work days with volunteers; assess homes and develop scopes of work; purchase construction materials and develop tool list for volunteers; pray with and listen to the home owner's stories and help build relationships. Does not need to be a licensed builder/contractor, but needs a basic understanding of construction and power tools. 

Position #3: Volunteer / Intern Recruiter 
Duration: Six months +
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing and ground transportation are provided.  $450 estimated monthly for meals.

Work description:  Assist the Director in attending youth gatherings and youth events to recruit UMVIM teams and other work teams; attend college intern fairs; assist and participate with service day events; assist with communications and volunteer training. Should be comfortable with public speaking and good phone etiquette, as well as familiar with social media and communication systems.

Position #4: Children's Day Camp Assistant Coordinator 
Duration: Two months +
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing and ground transportation are provided.  $450 estimated monthly for meals.

Work description: Serve as a counselor with other college age students at our summer children's camp; serve with afterschool tutoring ministry; set up children's activities during special community service days; assist and participate with service day events; assist with communications and volunteer training for children's events. Volunteer should have a passion for working with children ages 5-10, but does not need to be a licensed counselor. 


Location #1: Ketchikan Hostel
Position: Hostel Manager
Duration: Twelve weeks
Estimated monthly living expenses:  A private room is provided.  Plan on $200 for meals.

Work description:  Ketchikan is an island community located along the southeast coastline of Alaska.  During the summer months Ketchican welcomes vistors from around the world who come by air, cruise lines and ferry to enjoy the island's diverse activities:  hiking, fishing, camping, work, play and natural history.  For the past thirty-eight years the United Methodist Church has had a ministry of hospitality to hostelers.  The hostel is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The hostel manager is the face of the United Methodist Church to travelers in need of lodging. The volunteer will welcome the guests and orientate them, answer the telephone and respond to emails, receive payments from hostelers and maintain a receipt ledger, make deposits for refunds, ensure the cleanliness of the dormitories and public spaces, and maintain the linens.


Location #2: Birchwood Camp, Chugiak, Alaska 

Position: Camp Volunteer
Duration: Two months and up
Estimated monthly living expenses:  A private room is provided.  Plan on $250 for meals.
Work description:  Birchwood Camp is a year-round camp and retreat center about 30 miles north of Anchorage. A place of tranquility, the Camp exists to provide others with an experience of Christian love. The Camp Volunteer/s are responsible for hosting the guest groups and campers, assist in overall camp operation, and some office work. Qualified candidates would have excellent hospitality skills, able to ensure that guests feel welcomed and comfortable during their stay.

Location: Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM), Louisville, KY
Position: Volunteer Coordinator Assistant Duration: Two to three months (summer only)

Estimated monthly living expenses: $660, including housing, meals, and transport

Work description:
KRM is dedicated to providing resettlement services to refugees though faith-based and community-based co-sponsorship in order to promote self-sufficiency and successful integration into our community. The Volunteer Coordinator Assistant will help develop relationships with church youth groups and coordinate volunteer activities and projects with those groups; represent KRM at community outreach events such as fairs, festivals, local markets and organizations; assist with planning on special events; and work with volunteers and staff to manage/assist groups before they arrive and upon arrival to KRM.



Location: Sager-Brown UMCOR Depot, Baldwin, LA
Position: Assistant Construction and Project Manager Duration: Six weeks (average)
Estimated monthly living expenses: $200, including housing, meals, and transport

Work description:
  UMCOR Sager-Brown provides home repairs and renovations for low-income elderly and/or disabled homeowners in rural southwestern Louisiana. The volunteer will assist with the supervision of  teams coming in service to this low-income community, make assessments for repairs and improvements, purchase materials, and assist with supervision of work crews for assigned projects. Should be experienced in construction/home improvement project management.


Location: God's Country Cooperative Parish, Newberry, Michigan Position: UMVIM Team Coordinator
Duration: Two months
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $200 plus cost of housing, depending on resources 

Work description:
   God's Country Cooperative Parish hosts VIM teams from all over the US. We serve seven churches in our parish by working on homes, community development, summer children's programming, and a swim bus. The UMVIM Team Coordinator will help work with the home ministry, supervise other volunteers, and various administrative duties over the course of the program. 


Location: Camp on the Boulder in McLeod
Position: Kitchen Manager or Lead cooks (2)
Duration: Two to three months (summer only)
Estimated monthly living expenses: Housing and meals are provided 

Work description: 
The center hosts many different organizations during the summer such as AA groups, Hemophilia Association, women's support groups, family reunions, youth mission groups, mission team, family reunions, Methodist training conferences, and college freshman orientation. 

Lead cook is responsible for planning and preparing creative menus and meals for the varied guests, numbering from 30 to 300. These include diabetics, vegans, gluten free, etc.  The menus vary based on the type of groups that are being serviced and the center avoids serving the typical camp style food.  The volunteer is required to have some commercial kitchen experience.


Location #1: Hinton Rural Life Center, Hayesville, NC Position: Summer Tool Shed Manager Duration: Three months
Estimated monthly living expenses: $200. Lodging, some meals, and local transportation provided with valid drivers license and clean driving record.

Work description: 

Located in western North Carolina, Hinton Center offers conference and retreat facilities, as well as provides ministry support to the local community through their firewood ministry, garden ministry, poverty initiative, and a mission outreach program. In addition to managing and repairing the very large tool shed on property, the volunteer will act as a resource for unskilled volunteer team leaders coming to serve at Hinton who may not have any familiarity with some of their tools, as well as educating the team leaders on proper use and safety procedures. Access to site amenities during off hours.

Location #2: Partners in Ministry (PIM), Laurinburg, NC Position: Assistant Youth Ministry Partner Duration: Two months and up
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $760.  Some meals provided through program.

Work description:
 PIM works to combat some of the attendant issues of poverty through rehabilitation of homes, emergency services for families, and programs to help transform the lives of local children and youth. The volunteer will be helping specifically with the youth outreach program through the community Garden and the Youth Empowered to Succeed program by cultivating leadership skills, working alongside youth in the garden, and managing youth interns. Please note: Tolerance of high heat and humidity will be important! Prior knowledge of gardening helpful by not required. All ages are encouraged to apply, but young adults should have at least one year of college or the equivalent experience to work with the program.

Location #1: Cleveland, Ohio - The Nehemiah Mission Position: Summer Team Coordinator Assistant
Duration: 11 weeks
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $150 with housing and some meals provided. 

Work description: 
The Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland rebuilds the lives and homes of the physically and fiscally challenged of Cleveland through volunteer mission teams who improve living environments in order to sow seeds of hope for individuals and neighborhoods. These teams (UMVIM ) visit from all over the U. S. They are housed and fed at the mission site and work is directed by the mission staff. The Summer Team Coordinator will assist these teams during their time of service at the Mission and in the community.

Location #2: Steubenville, Ohio - The JOSHUA Program of Urban Mission Ministries
Position:  Construction Director or Volunteer Coordinator
Duration: 3-4 months beginning in May/June
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $200 with housing and some meals provided.

Work description:
 The JOSHUA Program is a summer service program focused on community revitalization. During the summer, volunteer groups come each week to do home repair projects for low income or elderly residents in the area. The Construction Director should have a background or experience in construction work and planning work projects. The Volunteer Coordinator will assist the Construction Director with applications and communication with homeowners, as well as act as host for volunteer teams.



Location: SC Conference, Columbia
Position: Construction Coordinator
Duration: Two to twelve months.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $800, which includes housing, meals and ground transportation.

Work description:  In October of 2015, thousands of families were affected by floods. The Construction Coordinator will plan, implement, and oversee construction efforts at specific work sites, including volunteer team assignments. They will work closely with the incoming volunteers to insure a safe and efficient approach to meeting the needs of both clients and volunteers.


Location #1: Reelfoot Rural Ministries in Obion Position: Community Services Assistant
Duration: Two months to one year.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing, meals, and transportation are provided.

Work description:
Responsibilities may include aiding in all areas of the ministry, including community services and the work camp program. The volunteer will be the liaison between RRM and volunteers. In the fall and winter season, work will be primarily with the back to school program, food bank, and toy store ministry. In spring, summer, and early fall, the need is focused on home rehabilitation and work camp ministry, along with some maintenance of facilities.

Location #2: Scarritt Bennett Center, Nashville Position: Various - see descriptions, below Duration: Six months to one year.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $100Housing and some meals are provided.

Work descriptions: 
Program Assistant: Responsibilities include assisting in the preparation and implementation of the various programs related to spiritual formation / enrichment, such as Vespers, All That Jazz, exhibits, Poet's Corner, blogs, and retreats.
Handyman/woman: This person will dedicate focused attention to the restoration and repair of our historic campus. SBC is in need of a person capable of sanding and refinishing exterior doors, and interior woodwork. 
Campus Gardener: SBC is a 125 year-old historic property sitting in the heart of Nashville. The Gardener will work with volunteers and staff to care for the many flower beds and help create a sustainable garden for our dining hall.
Conference Hospitality Services
: Provide exceptional customer service and hospitality to all guests of the SBC by helping serve at the front reception area.


Location: Refugee Services of Texas, Inc., Dallas, TX
Position: Development Assistant
Duration: Two months and up
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $800. The volunteer is responsible for his/her housing, meals and transportation. Personal transportation is required.

Work description:
  The volunteer will be responsible for working with local communities and partners to engage support of all activities associated with the Refugee Services of Texas offices as they help meet the needs of refugees in the area.


Location: Church World Service in Harrisonburg.
Position: Refugee Resettlement Services Associate Duration: Four months to a year
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $1000.00 which includes housing.  Volunteer prepares own meals and will budget accordingly.

Work description:  Harrisonburg resettles around 200 refugees and 100 Cuban parolees each year. The volunteer will minister to recently arrived refugees in areas of providing services such as housing, ESL tutoring, cultural orientation, assistance with transportation to appointments, etc. 


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