Application Checklist

The application requests information in 6 main areas, so you may want to gather some information before you begin:

  • A set of essay and short answer questions
  • A Self-Assessment Page
  • A Personal Information Page
  • A Church Affiliation Information Page: we would like the name and contact information of any faith communities with which you have regular involvement
  • A Reference page: you will need to provide names and email addresses of three (3) people who will serve as a reference.  Your references will be requested to fill out this information. These individuals cannot be family members, and must include the following:

○     Pastoral Reference (a pastor or leader of a worship community who is not a member of your family; for clergy, a district superintendent or bishop is also acceptable);

○     Work-Related Reference (an employer, manager, shift supervisor or volunteer supervisor);

○     Academic Reference (a teacher, professor, academic advisor or another Employer);

●    You will be required to provide a resume in the same format as this attached sample.

Application and Selection Overview