Hannah Hanson
International Class 2009–2012

“The Global Mission Fellows - International program has provided me with a community and questions to consistently evaluate and reevaluate how I live out my faith and seek God's Kin-dom.  In all the ways I was challenged by the program, my peers, and the communities I served with, I think the greatest challenge is how to carry these ideals and principles with me in life.  It is one thing to live simply and with great intention in your first professional experience in a community constantly asking questions and soul searching.  It is another thing to continue to make choices to stay in solidarity with brothers and sisters around the world, to do no harm to others or creation, and to actively work for justice over the long-term in communities or families who have very different priorities.  And I thank God everyday that I faced these questions straight out of college, so I can continue to wrestle and live with such intentionality for the decades to come.”

—Hannah Hanson, Global Mission Fellows - International Class 2009–2012 served with Bula Monyako in Benoni, South Africa