Danny Umba
International Class 2013–2015

“As I let go of my culture, my traditions, and my family to go serve in God’s mission in a distant country, I had no idea of how to integrate to the new environment nor what I would do at first. The whole time I asked myself if I was the right person, I felt lost sometimes and empty of what I should do. Everything happened for a reason, because I could not see the presence of God in me and in God’s mission there. Trying to find where God is, l realized that the people experienced God’s power through what I did. God went before me; God was there in all my confusion and anxieties. I like to respond to God’s call, because I know God will always be with me wherever I go.”

—Danny Umba, GMF International Class 2013–2015, served with Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute in Mindanao, Philippines