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January 2016 · Issue 1

In this issue of the Global Health newsletter: Global Health in 2015; Global Health in 2016


Counting our blessings

The United Methodist Church has had a long-standing and active engagement in global health efforts for many decades. We celebrate the opportunity we had to continue this work in 2015 and to be in mission together with partners in 36 countries in 2015. Our programs directly impacted 2,193,008 lives in 2015, including: 1,326,540 able to protect themselves from malaria because they received mosquito nets; 67,248 successfully treated for malaria; 66,000 pregnant women who received screening for HIV to protect their babies from a dreaded disease; 671 community health workers who received training to serve thousands of people without access to health care; and 9 health facilities that were revived to provide essential health care in communities where health services are urgently needed.

We invite you to take a tour of world regions with us as we celebrate the transformative work of global health, including the minority and underserved populations in communities from Africa and Asia, to the mountains of Latin America and the islands of the Caribbean, to North America and Europe.

Map depicting (in green) the 36 countries where Global Health is at work.

In 2015, more than US $2.5 million was awarded in grants to support projects in malaria, HIV, maternal and child health, health systems strengthening, and substance abuse prevention. These projects targeted rural, marginalized populations and prioritized interventions for vulnerable children and women in hard to reach areas. Sixteen countries benefitted from Global Health’s support, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Our success is not just in projects or funds awarded but in persons reached. We are blessed to be a part of the stories of the 2,066,653 beneficiaries of Global Health-supported projects in Africa in 2015.

Our mission partners in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Philippines, and Thailand were supported to implement projects in community-based primary health care and HIV control with a total grant award of US $70,000. These projects reached 28,513 people who might otherwise not have had access to the health care and education they need for a healthy life.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Brazil, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, and Nicaragua received Global Health grants in 2015. A total of US $1,074,000 was awarded to mission partners to support maternal and child health and substance abuse prevention activities. It is expected that these projects will reach about 40,000 people.

North America and Europe
In the United States, 32 persons of color received scholarships toward graduate education in health-related fields of study. More than half a million U.S. dollars was awarded in grants supporting church-based health ministries, deaf and disability ministries, maternal and child health, and HIV and substance abuse prevention and recovery projects. The opportunity to reach the 23,672 beneficiaries of these projects makes our work in 2015 a success. In Europe, about US $34,000 went to support the substance abuse projects in Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, and Switzerland and an HIV project in Armenia. These projects reached 8,170 young people, who were educated on the dangers of chemical dependence and engaged in activities that helped reduce the risk of substance abuse.

Global Health in 2016
As we celebrate these remarkable achievements and progress in the fight against malaria, HIV, and other preventable causes of death, we are also aware that many global health challenges remain. We recognize that every year nearly 6 million children under age five continue to die from preventable and treatable diseases. This new year brings new opportunities to support efforts to achieve the highest attainable standard of health in the places with the most need. Our emphasis in the new year will be to protect children from preventable causes of death and disease. As a sign of our commitment, Global Ministries has joined “Every Woman Every Child,” a global initiative to reach 15 million children by the year 2020.

Your gifts to the Global Health Advance #3021770 will help to support holistic health programs in the U.S. and around the world.