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September 1, 2016 · Issue 18

In this issue of connectNmission, learn how one United Methodist church in Oregon embraced Abundant Health’s 10,000 Church Challenge to offer community fitness classes; watch a promotional video on the 10,000 Church Challenge to motivate your church to health; and learn about upcoming events.

Get your church moving and active with the 10,000 Church Challenge.
Health is a mission priority at Montavilla United Methodist Church in Portland, Ore. Pastor Timothy Winslea is so concerned about the physical and spiritual health of his congregation that the church converted a space in their building into a fitness center.

“My congregation knows I am an advocate for all forms of health education. Together, we’ve had many discussions about mental health, wellness programs, and access to health services in our community,” said the Rev. Timothy Winslea, pastor at Montavilla UMC.

The fitness center will serve as a great place for the local community to participate in dance and taekwondo classes, as well as pilates, Zumba, and other fitness activities in the near future.

The Abundant Health: Our Promise to Children program, which honored Montavilla UMC this past June for becoming its first Abundant Health supporter, seeks to engage at least 10,000 churches in the United States to open their doors and invite their communities to receive a message of healing and hope through health education, prevention, treatment, and communication.

The 10,000 Church Challenge also provides an opportunity for your church to promote health and well-being, especially for children, through congregational and community activities that include physical activity, healthy diet and nutrition, tobacco and drug-free living, and mental health education and promotion.

Learn about the ways your church can create programs that foster healthier lifestyle choices by using this resource.

Choose health by joining the challenge today!

It’s time for a healthy church!

Studies show that people in the United States are now consuming more calories than 40 years ago. The average American eats 15 more pounds of sugar a year than in 1970. Abundant Health’s 10,000 Church Challenge can change that!

When your church signs up for the 10,000 Church Challenge, you are demonstrating your commitment to health by building programs that promote physical activity and healthy eating, and address issues of substance abuse and mental health.

Embrace these areas of health and promote the well-being of children and adults in your congregation or community by adding healthy activities and encouraging healthier food choices.

Watch this promotional video to learn more, and sign up now!


September 25-27, 2016
Transforming Communities Summit - A Ministry With the Poor Experiential Training
Theressa Hoover Memorial UMC
Better Community Development
Little Rock, Arkansas

The Transforming Communities Summit will provide churches, faith-based groups, nonprofit organizations, and community leaders a firsthand opportunity to witness, experience, and exchange ideas on strategies to strengthen our communities, create partnerships within communities, and network with others engaged in ministries with the poor.

September 27, 2016
Healthy Families Webinar
2:00 pm Central Daylight Time

This interactive webinar will discuss the five dimensions of health highlighting how church leaders can nurture these aspects of health in their communities. Register here.

October 2
World Communion Sunday

Christians around the world celebrate Holy Communion, and offering on this United Methodist Special Sunday to provide education for people of color and international students. Get resources here, or download a World Communion Sunday Pastor and Leader’s Kit.

October 22–24
Church for All People/Community Development for All People
“The All People Conference: Welcoming the Stranger”

This event is for leaders who wish to foster racially and economically diverse congregations. It will take place at United Methodist Church for All People, 946 Parsons Avenue; Columbus, Ohio. Speakers include Bishops Minerva Carcaño and Gregory V. Palmer. Cost is $245. Register here.


News: Get your church moving and active with the 10,000 Church Challenge. Photo: Creative Commons