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May 27, 2016 · Issue 11

In this issue of connectNmission, read about the plight of the Lumads; watch a video on last week’s commissioning of 29 United Methodist missionaries, and learn about upcoming events.


This week, Global Ministries staff heard the heart cry of the Lumads, the indigenous people of southern Philippines, along with other Filipino indigenous representatives, who shared accounts of discrimination and violence. The Lumad delegation is on a pilgrimage called “Lakbay Lumad USA: The Continuing Journey of Mindanao’s Indigenous Peoples for Peace with Justice,” sharing their stories of struggle with groups that care about their plight. The group recently presented at the 2016 General Conference in Portland, Ore.

The delegation recounted the April 1, 2016, incident where Filipino farmers, most of whom were Lumads, were locked in a struggle with the government over emergency food supplies. A protest in Kidapawan on the island of Mindanao was violently dispersed, leaving three dead, 116 injured, 21 severely injured, and 78 people arrested, including elderly persons. “Rice, not bullets” was the cry of Filipino farmers that day.

During the tragic event, Spottswood Methodist Mission Center in Kidapawan provided sanctuary to about 4,000 farmers, and The United Methodist Church in the Philippines ministered to drought-plagued, starving farmers in Mindanao. This month, UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, a unit of Global Ministries, approved a grant to provide food aid for internally displaced Lumads in northern Mindanao and the Caraga region.

Watch as Bai Norma Capuyan, a survivor of the Kidapawan massacre, and an indigenous leader from the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines, share more of this story.

Last week, 29 Global Ministries missionaries were commissioned for service during the 2016 General Conference in Portland, Ore. The commissioning was believed to be the first to occur during the church’s policy-making assembly that meets every four years.

The new missionaries will serve as church developers, chaplains, teachers, health practitioners or administrators, agricultural specialists, and youth workers. Six of the 29 will work in the health field. Four will engage in ministries with migrants, and four will serve as church and community workers in economically marginalized urban and rural communities in the United States.

The commissioning was conducted by Bishop Hope Morgan Ward of North Carolina, president of the agency; Bishop John Yambasu of Sierra Leone, vice president, and Bishop Hee-Soo Jung of Wisconsin, president of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), a unit of Global Ministries.

Watch the photo slideshow now.


June 20
World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day, observed internationally on June 20 each year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world.

August 17-20
School of Congregational Development 2016

“Into the Deep”
Evanston, Illinois

The School of Congregational Development is a premier event for equipping conference leaders, clergy, and laity to lead vital, dynamic, life-changing congregations. Sponsored by Discipleship Ministries, Global Ministries, and Path 1, this year’s event is being hosted by the Northern Illinois Conference and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. Register here.

Photos in order of appearance: Christopher Tricomi and Paul Jeffrey

News image: (Left to right) Francis Laminero, executive director of InPeace Mindinao translates for Norma Capuyan, an indigenous leader from the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. Capuyan shared the story of the Lumads with Global Ministries during a recent visit.

Media image: Newly commissioned missionaries pose along with Global Ministries staff at the 2016 United Methodist General Conference in Portland, Ore. Photo: Paul Jeffrey