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April 13, 2016 · Issue 8

In this issue of connectNmission, register for an upcoming event on May 9 in Portland, Oregon, on the latest research in the fight against HIV and AIDS, and the work in preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission; get a resource which highlights the impact of Global Ministries’ Global Health unit across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America; and learn about upcoming events.

AIDS is not over.
At least 37 million people around the world are living with AIDS.

Next month, leaders will gather to discuss current realities regarding HIV and AIDS at the upcoming “AIDS Is Not Over! Global Issues and the Church,” event sponsored by the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund.

The free event will be held at Rose City Park United Methodist Church May 9 in Portland, Oregon. It will highlight new AIDS research and trends, and examine how churches are responding.

The all-day conference includes six dynamic workshops. Participants will hear moving stories from those affected or infected by HIV or AIDS. Delegates and non-delegates attending the 2016 General Conference of The United Methodist Church are invited to be a part of the conference.

“This conference will be a rich and rare opportunity for the church to get both a national and international perspective on HIV and AIDS, hearing from the scientific community and Christians from around the world,” said Dr. Donald Messer, co-chair of the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund.

Speakers for this event include General Secretary Thomas Kemper of Global Ministries, a keynote address by Dr. Nancy Haigwood, director and senior scientist of the Oregon National Primate Research Center, and many more. Haigwood will discuss her innovative research surrounding vaccines and ending mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

Online event registration is open now through May 2; an informational flyer is also available to print and distribute.

Download this resource to get a larger scope of the impact of your donations to Global Health.
A new resource published in the March-April issue of New World Outlook magazine, highlights the impact of Global Ministries’ Global Health unit during 2014–15 period. More than two million beneficiaries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America benefited from comprehensive health services.

View or download this resource to see the big picture of Global Health’s impact on the world through Community-Based Primary Health Care, HIV and AIDS, Health Systems Strengthening, Imagine No Malaria, Maternal and Child Health, and Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related Violence programs.


April 15
Support Global Health Through Turbo Tax

Haven’t filed your taxes, yet? The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) is offering a TurboTax discount for the denomination. According to GCFA, “a portion of your purchase price will be donated by TurboTax to support a global health initiative as part of the Four Areas of Focus of The United Methodist Church.

“This is an initiative led by the General Board of Global Ministries in an effort to protect children globally from preventable causes of death and diseases through prenatal and pediatric care in some of the most remote areas in the world.”

Complete your taxes online now and support the Global Health Advance #3021770.

April 22
Earth Day

The observance of Earth Day celebrates God's gift of the earth. To celebrate, Creation Justice Ministries offers several resources.

April 28
General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR)

GCORR will premier General Secretary Thomas Kemper of Global Ministries on its Vital Conversations series on Thursday, April 28. Kemper will talk about becoming authentically global as a church. Join the conversation, and stay tuned for the exact air time, which will be shared through Global Ministries’ Facebook page.

Photos in order of appearance: The United Methodist Global AIDS Fund and Global Ministries.

Event image: Register now for the AIDS Is Not Over! Global Issues and the Church event.

Resource graphic: Download this resource to get a larger scope of the impact of your donations to Global Health.