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September 16, 2015 · Issue 17

This newsletter features a statement from General Secretary Thomas Kemper on the refugee and migration crisis in Europe and other parts of the world; a new interactive website called Moyo that provides visitors with unique experiences to confront and engage in issues of global importance; and upcoming events.

The arrival in Europe of massive numbers of Middle Eastern refugees is causing crises for humanitarian organizations and churches as well as for governments. At such a time, scripture draws us to Matthew 25:35b: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me,” Jesus said in a sermon about the behavior he expects of those whose lives reflect the grace and love of God.

The thousands of displaced persons pouring out of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and various parts of Africa into Europe put a tremendous strain on regional and global economics, political and social systems, and human compassion. Christians know our responsibility: Welcome the stranger, and that can be a tough mandate, difficult and risky, demanding of sober realism, and also full of potential for new insights and understandings about human and cultural relations.

United Methodists are wondering and asking the General Board of Global Ministries about how The United Methodist Church in Europe and at the international level is responding to the migration crisis. The information below is an attempt to respond to the most-common questions and concerns.

Continue reading this statement from General Secretary Thomas Kemper and learn how the church, humanitarian organizations, and the government are responding to the migration crisis.

Some of the young adults during a break-out session at the Global Missions Fellows US-2 training in Stoney Point, New York.
Introducing Moyo! Moyo is an interactive website born out of a partnership between the Upper Room and Global Ministries that is dedicated to creating a community that meets at the intersection of contemplation and action. The website provides experiences for spiritually infused, justice-oriented action and invites participants to combine the “being” and “doing” of life.

Moyo provides unique experiences for online visitors to confront issues of global importance, spiritually engage with these issues, and discover new ways to act on them in the world.

A key component on the website is called the Guided Path that leads you through a series of experiences: encounter, reflection, and action. You begin with an encounter, a place where you can learn more about a global issue; then move to a reflection, where you can engage in the issue spiritually; lastly, you move toward action, where you will have an opportunity to act on the issue offline. Here, you can support the project, receive updates, or learn about related work.

The website also features The Feed, a blog-like feature that offers diverse perspectives on current events and global issues.

All together, these experiences are a tool for visitors to see contemplation and action in new ways and engage in the world with spiritually infused, justice-oriented action. Moreover, Moyo is a community – we welcome you to be a part of it.

Watch this video to learn more and experience Moyo now by visiting


September 15 – October 15

Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the culture and traditions of Hispanic Americans. The observance begins in mid-September because the 15th is the anniversary of independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua; the 16th for Mexico; and the 18th for Chile.

September 27-29, 2015

Ministry With* Training Event

Theressa Hoover UMC and Better Community Development Inc. (BCD)
Little Rock, Ark.

At the “Keys to Empowerment Summit,” learn how to create ministries in your church and community. The mission of BCD Inc. is to improve the quality of life for low-income, underserved, disadvantaged and at-risk children, youth and families through addiction treatment, career readiness, youth activities, supportive housing programs, and economic development.  Register at Eventbrite.

October 15-17, 2015

Do No Harm 2015 Conference: Best Practices for Health, Accountability and Wholeness
Crown Plaza Hotel, Chicago O'Hare

Do No Harm is a sexual ethics summit addressing the most recent developments and challenges in prevention of and response to abuse, misconduct, and harassment of a sexual nature, particularly by people in ministerial roles (both lay and clergy) within The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Commission on the Status and Role of Women is the sponsor.