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May 13, 2015 · Issue 8

This newsletter features highlights of recently approved grants from the board of directors of Global Ministries; A prayer and resources for Pentecost Sunday, May 24; a video feature of Church and Community Worker Margaret Madison highlighting her work of finding affordable housing for residents in Columbus, Ohio, and upcoming events.

Members of the board for Global Ministries take a vote during its recent spring board meeting.
Last month, during the Global Ministries board of directors’ spring meeting, the board approved several grants that will create mission opportunities around the globe while also supporting the agency’s four areas of focus.

Among these approved were 14 grants, totaling $1 million, to fund programs in global health, leadership development, church growth and development and ministry with the poor.

The board approved $112,620 in scholarships to support mission leadership development for 17 students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Global health leadership development grants, totaling $146,670, were also approved for distribution to 23 students pursuing degrees in healthcare.

For the Methodist Church in India, a grant of $49,943.71 was awarded to renovate the Nur Manzil Psychiatric Centre, which is owned and operated by the church. The renovations and rebuilding of this facility will increase economic sustainability of the hospital while serving the health needs of the population.

Another grant for $13,367 will go to the International Federation of Blue Cross to support training for the Southern Africa Recovery Ministries to develop and start self-help groups that will aid those recovering from substance abuse.

Pray that we will build Christian community and connection across all borders.

In observance of Pentecost Sunday, May 24, Christie R. House, editor of New World Outlook magazine, offers this prayer of faith that encourages us to cross our own borders in building Christian community and connection.

Dear God, urge us, always, to step out in faith, as when the first followers of Jesus came together on the day of Pentecost. A miracle, first, that so many from different regions—Galilee, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Libya, Rome, Cappadocia, Asia, Arabia—had crossed borders and barriers to come to Jerusalem to found your church.

A second miracle, forged by your sacred wind and fire, opened their minds to hear your message, so they could build Christian community and connection, understanding one another. Yet the second miracle would not have happened without the first. Help us God, urge us, to cross our borders and barriers to take the first step. Amen.



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Discipleship Ministries is offering a number of liturgies, prayer and other resources to prepare for your Pentecost Sunday worship experience. View, use and share these resources.

Global Ministries Church and Community Worker Margaret Madison who serves with Community Development for All People in Columbus, Ohio, shares her joy of finding affordable housing for residents in the South side of Columbus.

This ministry involves purchasing homes on the south side which are then completely rehabilitated and sold at reduced cost to low-income buyers. She also shares about the ministries’ free store, where clothing and small household items are given away.

Watch the video to learn more.

May is Asian and Pacific Island Heritage Month This month the many gifts of the people of Asian and Pacific Island heritage are celebrated. Consider your worship themes, your context, and engage several members of your congregation in celebrating the richness of these cultures.

June 5-6
Basic Care Spiritual and Emotional Care Training (UMCOR)
Virginia Annual Conference Location: St: Luke’s UMC, 300 Ella Taylor Rd, Grafton VA 23692

UMCOR, which is a part of Global Ministries, offers spiritual and emotional care training for annual conference personnel to learn how to be present to their neighbors in times of disaster by responding to their spiritual and emotional needs.

June 24-28
Youth 2015 is a national gathering to equip United Methodist youth and youth leaders for service and provide them the opportunity to experience and express their faith in new and vibrant ways. This national gathering occurs every four years. This year’s theme is ‘Go On’ and is grounded in both scripture and several of John Wesley’s sermons.

Orlando, Florida / Marriott World Center
Registration is open until May 31.

Photos in order of appearance: Cassandra Zampini; Kathleen Barry/UMNS; Kay Panovec/UMCom and Margaret Madison.
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