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March 2015 · Issue 3

Lay Elder Myung Soo Kim receives an award for being an exemplary lay person from the Rev. Harkbum Jang at Livingston Korean UMC.
Global Ministries’ Korean Ministry Plan supported the New Jersey Association of the Korean United Methodist Church’s Laity Leadership Training last month, an event which was designed to equip and strengthen Korean lay leaders.

The training focused on "Healing and Restoration of the Church as the Body of Jesus Christ." In addition to spirit-filled worship and keynote speakers, a variety of workshops helped Korean-American lay leaders better understand their gifts and strengths, while availing them the opportunity to openly share about their ministry challenges.

“It was a great event of learning, celebrating and being in fellowship with Korean-American United Methodists in New Jersey,” said Paul H. Chang, executive director of Global Ministries’ Korean Ministry Plan. “It was also a good example and opportunity for partnership between Korean Ministry Plan and local Korean United Methodist congregations for developing lay leadership.”

Other workshops included United Methodist ministerial resources, biblical understanding of Methodism, conflict management, and developing a Korean Festival.

The New Jersey Association of the Korean UMC, which consists of Korean congregations, is located in the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference and is committed to helping the churches and ministries remain connected with The United Methodist Church.

World Day of Prayer is observed on the first Friday in March.
World Day of Prayer (WDP) is a worldwide ecumenical movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together annually to observe a common day of prayer on the first Friday in March. The following prayer is adapted from the women of the Bahamas, WDP 2015 order of worship/service:

God of Radical Love,

We come before you in fervent prayer, bringing the needs of women around the world and those living in the margins of our society.

We remember those living in poverty who struggle to support and care for themselves and their families each day. And we pray for the reduction and eradication of poverty.

We bring before you those who experience domestic violence and abandonment, who blame themselves for mistreatment and are afraid to seek help. We pray for restoration and an end to domestic violence against women.

We pray for inclusive policies and support for all refugees, migrant workers, and undocumented immigrants, who live with uncertainty and fear.

We pray for preventative care and timely interventions for those living with HIV and AIDS. May we be a loving support to those who are ill and not well.

Thank you for embodying and teaching us radical love through Jesus. Embolden us to be more like you and to exhibit your radical love and hospitality to others. Help us to be ever mindful of the needs of others. May we serve as your hands and feet in radical love to others. And may we be people who seek justice and peace, always.

In Your name we pray, Amen.

--Courtesy of Nellie Choi, M.Div., Program Coordinator, World Day of Prayer USA

March is Women’s History Month. Glean from sermon preparation notes and resources written by Rev. Hyemin Na which illuminate God’s word through the experiences of women.

Also included in the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (GCSRW) resource are prayers, calls to worship and liturgies that can be used throughout the month of March to lift up women. All the liturgies are Lectionary-based, and all elements emphasize inclusive and expansive language.

Click here to learn more.

Elizabeth Fink, a Global Mission Fellow through the US-2 young adult program of Global Ministries, shares a personal story of how a tax preparation session impacted one of her clients. She realized that God was in the midst of her mission service in a very practical way that offered peace and hope.

Fink is assigned to Branches, an urban and social justice ministry of the South East District of the denomination’s Florida Annual Conference.

Watch the video now to learn more.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Photo courtesy of Rev. Dr. Hwan Kee Yong, Livingston Korean UMC; World Day of Prayer
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