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July 22, 2015 · Issue 13

This newsletter highlights the Bwafwano Care Project, an Advance project of Global Ministries, which cares for special needs children and orphans in Zambia; a prayer for young adult missionaries currently in Global Missions Fellows US-2 training; an article resource on addiction recovery; a video feature requesting Global Mission Fellows bloggers, and upcoming events.

Some of the special needs youth at the Bwafwano Care Project in Zambia.
In Zambia, children and youth with disabilities are stigmatized—even in their own homes. Caregivers and parents often hide children who have disabilities for fear of what others will think or say. What’s more, some of these youth are at risk for sexual abuse, early pregnancy, and HIV infections. And, most have no access to a good education.

Through generous UMC #GivingTuesday donations made last year to the Bwafwano Care Project (BCP), Advance #3021211 in Zambia, special needs children and youth, including those with hearing impediments, received education support and life survival skills training that are helping them become more self-reliant. In addition, nutritional support was provided to undernourished children and adults living with HIV and AIDS.

“We bought a cooker, a fridge, computers, and assorted training materials,” said Minerva M. Phiri, director of BCP, who quickly put to use the Giving Tuesday donations.

The UMC donations supported literacy classes for out-of-school youths with special needs, and a specially-designed six-month life skills training that is empowering and protecting its youth from further harm.

Some of the young adults during a break-out session at the Global Missions Fellows US-2 training in Stoney Point, New York.
Global Ministries Mission Interpreter Adam Shaw offers this prayer on behalf of 15 young adults currently participating in an intensive three-week Global Missions Fellows US-2 training at Stoney Point, New York.

Lord God, Almighty and most Faithful God who formed us before the womb
God, who called us into being, we praise You.
Lord we lift up our world to You.
Let your kingdom come, Your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

We lift up the Global Mission Fellows who are in training these next weeks. We pray for them to be stretched, for them to wrestle with their issues. We pray for them to be affirmed as witnesses and to be transformed through the communities they will be in mission with. We pray for all of us as the body of Christ to continue to be in ministry with our neighbors and for the renewal of our hearts, bodies and minds, but most especially for the renewal of our church.

Margaret VanZandt (center) with Peer Recovery Specialists.
“We’ve all been touched by addictions. It’s killing us. One in five young people between 18 and 25 years old are addicted…. It’s a public health crisis.”

This is what Margaret VanZandt told SPSARV in a recent interview, which chronicles the start of her recovery center, HER Place, a women’s addiction recovery outreach center in Huntington, West Virginia, which fosters Hope, Education, and Recovery (HER) for women, children, and families who are suffering from addiction. SPSARV, the Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related Violence, is a general church initiative of The United Methodist Church, and a part of Global Ministries’ Global Health Unit.

VanZandt also shares about a community-wide effort she helped to mobilize called Celebrating Families! This is an evidence-based program which helps heal children from the emotional damage caused by their parents’ addiction; motivates children to stay alcohol and drug-free; helps parents develop positive and effective parenting skills, and encourages substance abusers stay alcohol and drug-free.

SPSARV supports the development and expansion of programs like Celebrating Families! and prevents substance abuse, reduces stigma related to addiction, and improves access to treatment for substance abusers and their families.

If you and your congregation would like to help the 1 in 4 children who suffer due to addiction in the family, please contact Juliana Federoff: or (212) 870-3883(212) 870-3883.

In this video, Global Mission Fellow Maria Niechwiadowcz, currently serving Amity Foundation in China, encourages Global Mission Fellows to consider sharing their mission experience by writing a blog and submitting their work for inclusion in The Book of Fellows, a young adult missionary blog site which features the writings of Global Mission Fellows from all parts of the world.

Watch the video now to learn more.


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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Photos in order of appearance: Bwafwano Care Project; Rachel deBos; Margaret VanZandt, and Maria Niechwiadowcz

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