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August 5, 2015 · Issue 14

In the issue of connectNmission, learn how youth in Alabama are learning to confront difficult emotional issues such as anger and bullying. Read a prayer of gratitude for The Advance and all those connected to this United Methodist giving channel. Use a video reflection on Psalm 121 to help guide you through your life’s journey, and watch a video of Global Ministries Missionary Mary Escobar who is working with children in Paraguay.

In Hobson City, Alabama, the Sable Learning Center, a program of Community Enabler Developer, Inc., (CED), helps redirect the lives of children and youth who live in economically disadvantaged areas by helping them work through issues of anger, bullying, depression, or suicide.

The program builds self-awareness, boosts self-esteem and offers youth emotional support in a conducive learning environment. Here, they can confront and process these often difficult issues, while also participating in the program’s life skills, reading, math and computer training classes. The program also provides nutritious meals and snacks and assists youth with school fees and supplies.

A Global Ministries grant to CED will benefit participants of the Sable Learning Center by providing the youth with school supplies and nutritious food and also support the program activities in the bullying and suicide prevention curriculum.

The Learning Center is open year round and offers classes in music expression; art and drama; spiritual development through the learning of Bible principles; nutrition and exercise, and parental support.

The Big Garden, Advance #3021107, focuses on growing nutritious food in East Omaha, where many live at or below the poverty line.
Andrea Ramprashad, communications specialist for The Advance, the official program of The United Methodist Church for voluntary, designated, second-mile giving, offers a prayer of gratitude for the work of The Advance and all those who connect through this United Methodist channel.

Dear Gracious One, We come before you seeking forgiveness for our mistakes. We seek continued guidance and strength to move forward and to enter the paths you have created for us. May we always recognize that as we live in different parts of the world, speak in different languages, our hearts beat and are united as one.

One this day, we set aside time to lift up The Advance...

We give thanks to all the mission projects who take leadership in developing their communities and who allow the world to join in on their journey.

We give thanks to the donors and supporters who stand by their fellow brothers and sisters despite being miles apart from one another.

We give thanks to The Advance and Global Ministries staff who diligently share their stories and provide accountability.

We give thanks to the bishops and partners who provide leadership on the ground.

We give heartfelt thanks to all who work behind the scenes and those who may never receive acknowledgment for their service.

Oh Gracious God, may you continue to bless The Advance in its effort to unite the world in mission.


The Rev. Lorenza Andrade Smith (right) prepares her sleeping mat in a box culvert beneath a busy street in El Paso, Texas, where she will spend the night in the company of Jody (left) and two other homeless men.
Life is a wonderful journey. It can surprise us, challenge us, frustrate us, and forge us through those hard, narrow places. For Christians, this journey is never travelled alone.

In this prayer video entitled Psalm 121: A Prayer for Travelers, images taken by photographers from various United Methodist conferences and agencies capture life’s journeys in a variety of settings. The video helps you meditate on the words of Psalm 121, also known as “The Traveler’s Psalm,” to bring you comfort and assurance that God is watching over your every step.

In this video, Mary Escobar, a missionary with Global Ministries, shares the joy of working with young children in a poor neighborhood of Asunción, Paraguay, and helping them achieve their personal best.

Escobar serves as director of a day care center which is part of the Evangelical Methodist Community in Paraguay that places a high priority on education ministries.

Watch now to learn more.


August 21-23
Incarnate: A Lake Junaluska Signature Series Conference
Incarnate offers talks and workshops from faith leaders who are embodying the Christian ministry.

This conference will feature Shane Claiborne, author and founder of The Simple Way, a Christian community in inner-city Philadelphia, and the Rev. Rudy Rasmus, pastor of St. John’s United Methodist Church in Houston.

Location: Lake Junaluska Conference and Retreat Center, Lake Junaluska, N.C.

Photos in order of appearance: The Big Garden; Mike DuBose/UMNS, and Mary Escobar
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