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Waiting on the Lord

By Cleasnaire Joyce Bautista*

As a Global Mission Fellow, I have found myself in challenging situations. I’m always that kind of person who wants to know everything when I have a task at hand. I always want to be prepared. Being a Global Mission Fellow, I can’t count on that most of the time. I was put in very uncertain situations, not knowing what’s going to happen, when things are going to happen—will the things I pray for ever happen? Through all these, I prayed for peace in my heart as I wait on the Lord.

                             Cleasnaire Joyce Bautista.jpg
                           Cleasnaire “Chie” Joyce Bautista. PHOTO: MIKE DUBOSE/UMNS

I have been in my place of assignment for a few weeks and I wanted to go to the Chinese church close to where I’m staying. I was worried because not many people outside the school can speak English. (I have a lot of funny stories where language is involved.) I prayed so hard for courage to go and for someone to speak with me in English. When I got to the church, I tried to talk to the guard—but we couldn’t understand each other. I managed to tell him that I want to go to the church. Speaking in Chinese, he tried to tell me to just get inside the church. I know it was God working when I met Ana—who speaks English. She shared the schedule of services. With her help, I could join the young adult prayer meeting and English Bible Study.

China wall in spring.jpg
The Great Wall of China in the spring. PHOTO: MIKE DUBOSE/UMNS

Our ever present, all powerful, all knowing, loving God, thank you for creating a beautiful world. Forgive us, Lord, that we are not able to take care of it as you wanted us to do. Forgive us for not loving this world and your people the way you wanted us to. I pray that the church be moved to increase love for all your people. I pray that the church continues to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world, everyone working together for a just, safe and peaceful world to live in. Loving God, I pray that all the students I work with see you in me. As I continue to interact with them, learn with them, I pray that you bless my actions that it would lead them to know you even if I can’t share my faith with them through words. In all that I do, may your name be glorified! In Jesus’s name, Amen!

*Cleasnaire “Chie” Joyce Bautista (Advance #3022208) from the Philippines is a Global Mission Fellow working with the Amity Foundation in China.

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