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Truths Murmured Amidst Distraction

By Bernadette St. Amand*

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                            Bernadette St. AmanPHOTO: CYNTHIA MACK

I am discovering that my journey with God requires patience—patience that I often think I don’t have, or don’t want to have. I have just moved to Tanzania to begin my work as a Global Mission Fellow. Poised for months ready to begin my work, this has seemed like the slowest moving process in which I have ever participated. Action, movement, and momentum are all the ways that I know how to measure progress. I am discovering that these are not the ways that God always measures progress.

Tanzania IMG_0612.jpg
Founding members of the Emmanuel Children’s Center in Tanzania pause for a photo with Elizabeth Soard (center). PHOTO: COURTESY the SOARD FAMILY

The deeper I step into God’s call, the further I step away from confidence and comfort in my work. As I encounter this discomfort, prayer is no longer a choice; it is the force that sustains me. Each intake of breath becomes a prayer that although I am in unfamiliar territory, I will not be left alone. In a situation where time works in a way that is difficult for me to understand, my prayers are for trust in the people God places in my life, and patience for systems that do not make sense to me. Foremost I pray that I “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God” (Micah 6:8).

Through our eyes we see only what we look for—
Through your eyes we see a beautiful and mysterious creation.

Our ears are assaulted by buzzing flies—
Divine ears listen for truths murmured amidst distraction.

Bread satisfies our rumbling stomachs—
The Body of Christ commissions you and I as servants of God forever.

As we seek to be touched by you,
May we be your touch for others in this world.

*Bernadette St. Amand is a Global Mission Fellow from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, class of 2017-2019, serving in Tarime, Tanzania. Her Missionary Support Code is: 3022334.

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