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Wise Enough to Guide Me, Powerful Enough to Protect Me

By Meli’sa-Kaye Robotham*

I often pray for direction when I am uncertain about decisions I need to make. Sometimes I ask for prayers when I am worried or afraid and, I also pray quite feverishly then. I frequently pray that I will be provided with my needs and my wants. These different types of prayers remind me that there is someone who always listens and understands. I pray because I believe God is wise enough to guide me. I pray because I know that God is powerful enough to protect me and to determine the outcome of any situation. I pray because God is gracious and can provide for me in abundance.

Melissa Kaye Robotham.jpg                                     Meli’sa-Kaye Robotham. PHOTO: COURTESY MELI'SA-KAYE ROBOTHAM

I pray for others when they are sick or overwhelmed. I also say prayers of thanks when I am compelled to smile, merely because I think of them. Sometimes I remember the moments in which I experienced God through them. In these instances, I usually thank God that I interacted with people and I pray for their general well-being. These moments remind me that while God is sovereign, God is compassionate, God is attentive, God is loving—God is my friend.

Dear God,

I pray for the faithful few who are overlooked or forgotten, because it seems that they are always there, and their cries for help or mercy are faint; for those who attempt to serve earnestly and encourage others, while their hearts yearn for your comfort; for those who seek to bring others to you, while they are desperately searching for your light; for those who continue to spread the news of your hope to others, even when their souls are distressed.

Melissa R.jpgMeli’sa-Kaye Robotham. PHOTO: COURTESY MELI'SA-KAYE ROBOTHAM

I pray for your church, which seeks to address the needs and concerns of your world. As we aim to grow in numbers, strengthen our connection to you. We sometimes, in your name, carry out rituals and practices that are contrary to your will. Help us to differentiate between these and the things we should preserve. There are elements that erode our Christian beliefs and values. However, there are also factors that challenge our norms and expected behaviors, but actually, reflect your heart. Help us discern between both.
As we remain thankful for the grace you extend to us, may we also continue to share this grace with others.


*Meli’sa-Kaye Robotham is a Global Mission Fellow (Missionary Support Code: #3022215) from Grenada with Jamaican roots who serves as youth and senior services associate at the Bethany Deaconess Foundation (Bethanien Diakonissen Stiftung) in Frankfurt on Main, Germany.

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