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First Weeks in Mozambique

By David and Elizabeth McCormick*

We have slowly been making our new house in Maxixe our home. We are finding our way around town and learning to navigate life without things like a car, 24-hour electricity, big box stores, yoga mats, or vegetables grown in hot houses. David is becoming acclimated to his new position as hospital director and Eva (our daughter) goes to a school that teaches half the day in English and half in Portuguese. We haven’t found a place for Annie (our younger daughter) yet, but trust that God will provide. This time of transition has not been easy but we have found great joy in discovering God’s provisions every day.

David and Elizabeth McCormick pause for a “selfie” on the Marracuene Beach in Mozambique. PHOTO: DAVID MCCORMICK

After a week of walking the grounds of the hospital and meeting the clinical and administrative staff, I (David) am overwhelmed—overwhelmed with a sense of disparity, incredulity, and potential! I see not only a potential for real and definite change but also the potential to participate in the Holy.

Spirit’s indwelling and thriving on the grounds of this sacred space. It is a place of physical healing and nurturing working alongside a place of spiritual healing, transformation, and renewal. The groundwork has been laid and the path is carved in the crumbling temples of medical care of this 103-year-old facility. There are no easy tasks here. Every accomplishment is attained through literal sweat, blood, and tears. But as I am constantly reminded, “that which is worth doing is never easy.”

McCormick IMG_8079.jpgEva McCormick on the beach. David and Elizabeth have two daughters, Eva, 4, and her younger sister, Annie, who is 2. PHOTO: THE MCCORMICKS 

We see the rawness of faith lived out every day in the people who pass through Chicuque Rural Hospital. It is a place where hope is both found and lost in these rooms, every single day—a place of death and new life, sickness and healing, forgiveness and understanding. For this we cry out to God for strength, for guidance, but above all, for mercy.

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*David and Elizabeth McCormick serve as missionaries with the General Board of Global Ministries at Chicuque Rural Hospital in Mozambique. David is the hospital director and Elizabeth is a pharmacist. They were commissioned in May 2016. This is a “first impressions” piece. They have now been in Mozambique several months.