Advent devotionals from missionaries around the world

Looking for a series of short devotionals this Advent season? Eight of our missionaries offer a reflection on what the Christmas season looks like in the countries and unique contexts in which they serve, coupled with a piece of scripture and prayer. Follow along each week as we release two devotionals.

Witness to God’s love in the world

Devotional by Rev. John Calhoun | First week of Advent

Love breaks through all barriers

Devotional by Joe Edward Pormai | First week of Advent

Joy in Jesus

Devotional by Clara M. Biswas | Second week of Advent

The joy in following God’s purpose

Devotional by Young Seon Kim | Second week of Advent

Vegetables, fish and hope for Quessua families

Devotional by Kutela Katembo Dieudonne | Third week of Advent

Hope for the weary, food for the hungry

Devotional by Devorah Umpig-Julian | Third week of Advent

Gateway to freedom: Peace with justice

Devotional by Angela A. Reed | Fourth week of Advent

Holding someone’s hand is the beginning of every peace journey

Devotional by Jin Yang Kim | Fourth week of Advent