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Read about the work of Global Ministries, including missionaries, UMCOR, volunteers, partnerships, young adult programs, The Advance, human rights, and peace and justice issues throughout the world.


Recent News and Stories

Living the gospel in the world
18 Jan 2019
Global Ministries’ Central African Republic Mission Initiative focuses on a three-year plan to increase its membership and deepen the understanding an ...
In Focus: Evangelism and Church Growth
4 Jan 2019
During the month of January, follow along for stories that highlight the work of Evangelism and Church Growth around the world. As the executive direc ...
The story of Mrs. Quay
22 Dec 2018
The story of Methodist mission is the story of the many local church leaders around the world who risked much to profess a new faith and lead others t ...
Mission and Media
15 Dec 2018
A church, a clinic and a school – are what we think of as the fundamental Christian institutions founded by the early missionaries as integral parts o ...
‘New Birth’ for United Methodist Mission in Vietnam
11 Dec 2018
Pastors and lay leaders of the United Methodist Vietnam Mission Initiative affirm connectional linkages and move confidently into the future.
Equipped for ministry and mission leadership
7 Dec 2018
Throughout the 2018 Mission Ambassadors Summit, participants felt a spirit of kinship and connection that renewed their energy for mission and ministr ...
Methodist Scholars
1 Dec 2018
Methodists have a long tradition of making education available and accessible for students around the world. Crusades Scholars, now known as World Com ...
Mission Ambassadors to Gather for Historic Summit
29 Nov 2018
Global Ministries is excited to host more than 175 lay and clergy volunteers and staff from across the U.S on December 3-5. Read more about this upcom ...
Church loan/investment fund shifts sponsors
24 Oct 2018
Marked by a celebratory banquet held during the board of directors meeting, the United Methodist Development Fund is coming under new leadership after ...
New Methodist Church Formally Launched in Cambodia
18 Sep 2018
World Methodism has a new church.
Mission Roots of The World Council of Churches Observed
22 Aug 2018
For the 70th anniversary of the World Council of Churches, Thomas Kemper reflects on how mission work has helped to sustain this ecumenical movement o ...
Latino Ministry Builds a “House of the People”
18 Aug 2018
Bringing people to Christ, creating space for small groups, building a music and dance school and counseling center—John W. Coleman from the Eastern P ...

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