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Read about the work of Global Ministries, including missionaries, UMCOR, volunteers, partnerships, young adult programs, The Advance, human rights, and peace and justice issues throughout the world.


Recent News and Stories

Children’s prayers from around the world
31 Mar 2018
Missionaries in Brazil, Liberia, the DR Congo, Mongolia, Cambodia, and the United States asked children about their prayers. Download this PDF to expl ...
Healing the vulnerable in Columbus, Ohio
29 Mar 2018
Restoring lives is something Church and Community Workers like Henneman do every day as a part of Global Ministries.
Prayer, Medicine, and a Mother’s Love
24 Mar 2018
Dr. Mark Zimmerman, a missionary doctor serving at Patan Hospital in Nepal, demonstrates how prayer and love contribute to a patient’s recovery after ...
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Faith-based partnerships prove knowledge is power
21 Mar 2018
Faith leaders in many developing countries believe information about family planning should be the responsibility of the government, and for that reas ...
UMC Day of Health: Sharing Passions for Health and Wholeness
21 Mar 2018
Only at United Methodist Day of Health will you find a hula hoop circus artist, United Methodist clergy, and other health-enthusiasts gathered in one ...
Waiting on the Lord
17 Mar 2018
Global Mission Fellow Cleasnaire Joyce Bautista navigates an unfamiliar environment with grace, asking God to bless her actions and interactions with ...
Health coordinators address challenges in Sierra Leone
17 Mar 2018
Twelve seasoned health coordinators oversee United Methodist health offices across Africa.
Conference on World Mission and Evangelism Challenge: “Learn from those with no titles, no money, and no stature”
13 Mar 2018
The Conference on World Mission and Evangelism held approximately every 10 years by the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism of the World Counci ...
Mission Through the Lens of Culture and Context
13 Mar 2018
Arusha, Tanzania, March 8, 2018—Rev. Dr. Mutale Mulenga-Kaunda, a theologian from South Africa, opened the 2018 Conference on World Mission and Evange ...
Truths Murmured Amidst Distraction
10 Mar 2018
Bernadette St. Amand, a Global Mission Fellow serving in Tanzania, discovers patience through prayer.
Moving in the Spirit: Called to Transforming Discipleship
8 Mar 2018
The Conference on World Mission and Evangelism, which occurs approximately once each decade, is part of the long tradition of the International Missio ...
Arusha 2018: Conference on World Mission and Evangelism
8 Mar 2018
Methodists from around the world gather together in Arusha, Tanzania for the 2018 Conference on World Mission and Evangelism meeting March 8-13…

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