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Read about the work of Global Ministries, including missionaries, UMCOR, volunteers, partnerships, young adult programs, The Advance, human rights, and peace and justice issues throughout the world.


Recent News and Stories

Why We Give to Mission
21 Apr 2018
A reflection from Russ Pierce, Mission Engagement executive director, on why United Methodists give to mission.
Empowering indigenous communities for mother and child health
20 Apr 2018
Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya (ODIM) and Global Ministries are reducing the rates of maternal and child morbidity through co ...
The Hard Work of the “Now Work” of Mission
18 Apr 2018
Over the course of the meeting, directors—37 international agency policy makers—both applied themselves to the “now work” of mission and commemorated ...
Finding God in the Appalachian Mountains
16 Apr 2018
Atchley is directly able to uphold the mission of a Church and Community Worker in her day-to-day interactions.
UMCOR Grant Banner.jpg
UMCOR grants continue to support ongoing recovery
16 Apr 2018
UMCOR’s board of directors approved an unprecedented amount in the form of grants during the annual spring board meeting. More than $46 million was aw ...
Talking Mission with Elizabeth S. Tapia
14 Apr 2018
The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth S. Tapia, a missionary and professor in Mindanao, Philippines, shares her thoughts and her prayers with her Methodist family.
United Methodist Leader Details Mission’s “Unfulfilled Dreams”
13 Apr 2018
Kemper entitled his report “Unfulfilled Dreams,” taken from the title of a sermon King preached in Atlanta on March 3, 1963, a month before his assass ...
Justice, mercy, and equality for all
12 Apr 2018
Global Ministries and UMCOR staff and board members will commemorate King’s legacy during this year’s spring board meeting.
Hope grows in South Sudan
10 Apr 2018
UMCOR’s Sustainable Development Unit facilitates long-term community development and empowerment in areas of great need. For people like Mawien, UMCOR ...
Prayers Over Time and Circumstance
7 Apr 2018
A special feature from New World Outlook magazine examining mission prayers published over six decades of mission, church, and national history.
Hulapalooza celebrates Abundant Health around the world
6 Apr 2018
Global Ministries celebrates World Health Day on April 7 by launching Hulapalooza! Learn how your church can engage in this exciting event.
Children’s prayers from around the world
31 Mar 2018
Missionaries in Brazil, Liberia, the DR Congo, Mongolia, Cambodia, and the United States asked children about their prayers. Download this PDF to expl ...

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