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Mission Minute: A Conversation with Missionaries Sara Flores and Dakin Cook

 Sara Flores and Dakin Cook, missionaries in EcuadorAs part of a new series, we are asking guests at Global Ministries offices in New York to share their definition of mission.  We recently visited with missionaries Sara Flores and Dakin Cook. The couple live in Ecuador where they are in ministry with the Evangelical United Methodist Church of Ecuador (IEMUE).

Flores and Cook are working with the church on a national level to build committees in education, indigenous churches, evangelism and discipleship, and financial accountability. Many of their programs are centered on children and strengthening the family. According to Sara, “We helped to build a dining hall for 280 children in the country side. Before the dining hall they were eating outside and were subject to the day’s weather conditions.” They are also working with community based health approaches in the smaller towns.  

What is mission?

“Mission is what we as Christians, all of us, not just the commissioned missionaries are called to do. God has called us to be part of His mission. Everyone is in mission. We (Sara and Dakin) only go to work with the mission, I did not create it. I help with the mission that is already here. Mission is accompaniment. The mission starts from the people you are serving. Mission is empowerment. “

Why is mission necessary?

“Mission is necessary because we are called to do it. God wants His people to transform lives and realities. There is pain and suffering, yet he wants the abundant life for us all that is proclaimed in the gospel. We are in mission to transform lives and the situations that cause pain. Where there is suffering, mission is needed.”

What is Mission?

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