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Millenials Invited to Connect, Engage, Grow

Mission Intern Laura Wise (center) with several young adults in the Philippines.
Mission Intern Laura Wise (center) with several young adults in the Philippines, where she currently serves the Initiatives for Peace in Mindanao (InPeace). Photo courtesy Laura Wise

By Laura Wise*

I once heard an orator say, “Your twenties are all about self-discovery.” As a twenty-something, I can testify to this experience. Our twenties are the formative years between adolescence and the rest of your life. It’s a time to try and figure it all out.

We young adults, millenials, have entered into an extraordinary time in our lives at a very peculiar time in history. Gone are the days of our parents, dreaming of working for the same company for 30 years. We young adults want to change the world!

We are dreamers. We are the generation that can turn anything we think of into reality. We text, tweet, Facebook, Gchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Pintrest; we use #hashtags, we pinch, pull and swipe. We are looking for ways to connect and engage.

We are believers. We believe in the good of society. We believe in service. We are involved in the work of the church. We are a transformative generation.

Does this ring a bell? Are you looking for a way connect, engage and grow into the person you know you can be? The person God is calling you to be? If so, I invite you to become part of Generation Transformation.

The General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church is working hard to transform the world through our generation, young adults who are committed to faith and justice.

Generation Transformation, offers three different mission paths:

1. Global Missions Fellow is the long-term mission component of Generation Transformation for young adults between the ages of 20-30. This is a two-year mission commitment working with a UMC partner organization, abroad or in your home country.

2. Global Justice Volunteer is a short-term mission assignment for young adults between the ages of 18-30. For 10 weeks, June through August, young adults will be placed with a UMC partner overseas, or away from your home context.

3. Individual Volunteers provide individuals and couples the opportunity to serve in mission during a vacation, required semester abroad or gap year. This program gives the participant(s) the flexibility to serve from two months to two years, and choose to work with a UMC partner overseas or in the United States.

Your young adult life is a time of constant growth. The time when you’re figuring out what you believe in, and what you stand for. This is time when you are actively seeking out God’s plan for your life. These years will determine who you will become; spend them wisely!

Consider committing a part of your young adult life to service through mission. The possibilities are endless. Engage with different communities around the world on issues of peace and justice starting at the grassroots level. Grow in ways unimaginable both socially, personally and in your faith. Help to build up the kingdom of God and connect the church in mission wherever the Lord may lead you.

Start filling out the application now. The first rolling application deadline, Nov. 15, will be here before you know it. Let us be the generation that truly brings transformation to this world!

*Laura K. Wise is a regular contributor to She serves as a mission intern with Initiatives for Peace in Mindanao (InPeace) on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.