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Mission Minute

As part of a series, we are asking guests at Global Ministries offices in NYC to share their definition of mission. We ask each guest two questions:  “What is mission?” and “Why is mission necessary?”

The visitors come from throughout the global connection. So far, we’ve spoken with young adult missionaries, retired and active bishops, global missionaries, church executives, a mission finance officer, and a child of two missionaries. While their answers vary, they commonly refer to the idea of mission as a “calling” to be in service with others.

Laura Wise, a mission intern serving as a mission communicator with Global Ministries, has conducted most of the interviews.  

What is Mission?

Paul Lee Webster profile
Mission Minute: Paul Lee Webster
Rev. Paul Webster shares his passion and understanding of mission.
The Rev. Dr. Romeo (Romy) L.  del Rosario is no stranger to the mission work of The United Methodist Church.  Rosario has pastored two churches in the California-Pacifica Annual Conference, taught theology in Sierra Leone, West Africa, served as lecturer and dean at Sabah Theological Seminary in Malaysia, and was the officer-in-charge of Union Theological Seminary in the Philippines.
Mission Minute: Romy del Rosario
Recently, while in New York, Romy del Rosario shared some brief thoughts about the meaning of mission.
Young Adult Missionaries EndTerms
Mission Minute: Young Adult Missionaries
Two classes of young adult missionaries were recently in New York for end-terms, a week-long debriefing that precedes the completion of their missiona ...
Mercy Neal, her parents, and her little brother are part of the newest mission cohort who will be sent into the world as United Methodist missionaries.
Mission Minute: Mercy Neal
Mercy Neal, her parents, and her little brother are part of the newest mission cohort who will be sent into the world as United Methodist missionaries ...
Michael Airgood in Ukraine
Mission Minute: Michael Airgood
Having just completed his missionary service in Western Ukraine, Michael B. Airgood spent time meeting with Global Ministries staff in NYC.
Kenneth Koome Nkando
Mission Minute: Missionary Kenneth Koome Nkando
Missionary Kenneth Koome Nkando, the mission financial officer in the East Angola Annual Conference, defines the meaning of mission.
Connie DiLeo portrait at Global Ministries
Mission Minute: A Conversation with Missionary Connie DiLeo
Connie DiLeo has served as a missionary in the Dominican Republic for 12 years. She shares her definition of mission.

Mission is...

God’s desire to see all of creation redeemed and restored to His original design.
the church’s effort to relate people to church. 
where God places you at any given point in time.
Sharing ideas and learning from one another about what works and where God is calling us to be as a community.
what we as Christians, all of us, not just the commissioned missionaries are called to do.

What is your definition of mission?

Theology of Mission

The Mission Theology statement guides Global Ministries’ participation in the Missio Dei. The statement frames Global Ministries’ role within the denominational mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Read the Theology of Mission.